Study in Italy – Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities to Study in Italy
Scholarship Opportunities to Study in Italy

Italy is known for offering scholarships and other benefits to international students. If you wish to study in Italy, these scholarships will really come in handy to help you offset tuition and other financial obligations. Scholarships are usually sponsored in the country by the national and regional governments. Scholarships are either offered based on academic standing or financial merit.

We will highlight some of the top scholarships offered by Italy below.

Scholarship Opportunities to Study in Italy

1. EDISU Piemonte Scholarships

The Italian government sponsors the EDISU Piemonte Scholarship for international and non-EU international students enrolled in a full-time Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree or Ph.D. Degree courses at one of the Universities of Piedmont (i.e., The Politecnico of Torino, the University of Torino, the University of Eastern Piedmont). The scholarship based on merit, and it’s not offered to part-time students.

2. Bologna University Study Grants for International Students

The scholarship is sponsored by the University of Bologna to international students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Programmes at the University of Bologna.  Each study grant is awarded for one academic year and amounts to €11,059 and full tuition fee waivers.

3. University of Pavia International Scholarships for Developing Country Students

In a bid to promote international cooperation with Developing Countries, the University of Pavia (UNIPV) offers scholarships to outstanding students from developing countries to study Master’s Degree Programs taught in English at the university.  Each scholarship is worth about €8,000.

4. Bocconi Merit and International Awards

The Bocconi Merit and International Awards should probably top as one of the most popular scholarships in Italy. The scholarship is open to all international students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the university. The scholarship is awarded automatically on academic standing; thus, a separate scholarship application is not necessary.

The scholarship includes half to full tuition waivers worth up to €12,000 per year for the Bachelor’s Program and up to €13,000 per year for the Masters of Science Program. The scholarship is automatically renewed, provided the required minimum academic progress is met.

5. Padua International Excellence Scholarship Programme

This scholarship is offered to only international students – applicants with Italian citizenship are not qualified for the scholarship. If you are interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in English at the university, you should consider this scholarship.

Up to 43 awards are given to talented prospective international students. The award includes an €8,000 allowance and a full tuition waiver. However, beneficiaries are expected to pay admission fees.

The scholarship has a maximum duration of 2 straight years for Master’s degree candidates or 3 consecutive years for Bachelor’s and Single Cycle degree candidates.

Applicants do not need to apply separately for this scholarship; once you have applied for admission to the university as an international student, you are automatically considered for the scholarship. The scholarship has an annual deadline of 2 February 2021 or 7 March 2021.

It is essential to visit the official website (link found below) to access the online application system and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship

6. Politecnico de Milano Merit-Based Scholarships for International Students

The Politecnico de Milano Merit-Based Scholarships is only open to international students admitted to a Master of Science program. The scholarship is merit-based, and a yearly award ranging between €5.000 to €10.000 is awarded. Beneficiaries of this scholarship will have to pay only an administrative fee of about €200.

7. Politecnico di Torino International Scholarships

The Politecnico di Torino offers scholarships to international students to attend academic programs in specific fields such as Engineering and Architecture.

8. Università Cattolica International Scholarships

The UCSC International Scholarship is an annual tuition fee reduction promoted by Università Cattolica to foster international students’ access to degree programs. The discount covers about 30% of the total cost.

Steps to Take Before Applying for A Scholarship To Study in Italy

Most of the scholarships in most universities in Italy are offered automatically to international students either by the university or the Italian government. However, before indicating an interest to study in the university it is imperative to take the following steps.

  1. Most of these scholarships are offered to specific countries, so first and foremost, check if your country is eligible for the scholarship. For instance, some scholarships are awarded to students from developing countries.
  2. Ensure that the school that offers your degree of choice.
  3. Some scholarships are awarded to specific courses or fields of study. Ensure that the degree of your choice is eligible for any scholarship
  4. Before you are offered a scholarship you, must have applied to study in the university.
  5. While most scholarships to study in Italy are offered automatically based on academic standing, some scholarships require that you make a separate scholarship after admission. Ensure that you follow all the necessary steps in the scholarship application.

Top Universities Offering Scholarships To Study in Italy

Some universities in Italy award scholarships to international students automatically. These are some of the universities to watch for if you are interested in studying in Italy at a low cost.

  • Politecnico Di Torino
  • Universita Cattolica
  • University of Padova
  • Bologna University
  • Bocconi University
  • Luiss University

Benefits You Get If You Study in Italy

In recent times, international students see universities in Italy as a viable option. Below are some of the reasons why most international students wish to study in Italy:

  1. Italy has a top-notch educational system, and some of the best universities in the world can be found in Italy. These universities offer the European standard education, which affords students many opportunities after school.
  2. Italy has a diverse culture which means living in Italy can be an exciting experience.
  3. The country has a wide range of universities; you can’t run out of universities to choose from.
  4. Students have the opportunity to learn Italian at an excellent level.
  5. Italian universities and the government offer numerous scholarships.
  6. Many universities provide affordable accommodation within a range of 300 to 400 euros a month.


Why are you interested in studying in Italy? The cost of living in the beautiful country is quite affordable more so, the universities and government offer enticing scholarships to international students.

This post highlights some top scholarships you can apply for if you wish to study in Italy. Good Luck!

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