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Aaron Minc Scholarships
Aaron Minc Scholarships

The Aaron Minc Law Scholarships was specifically created to give everyone a chance to continue their college education.

The scholarship was created for high school graduates who wish to further their education in any higher institution of their choice.

The scholarship awards just one person $1,500 scholarship to be applied to their college tuition.

This post will cover all you need to know about the Aaron Minc scholarships. Read on!

Eligibility and Requirements for the Aaron Minc Scholarships

If you desire a college education, then you should definitely consider the Aaron Minc Scholarship. A scholarship is a great way to finance your university education.

The scholarship was created with the intent of encouraging high school seniors to go to college.

 The scholarship is thus open to all high school seniors irrespective of their majors or areas of study in the United States.

You might then ask, what are the requirements and eligibility conditions for the Aaron Minc scholarship?

Below are some of the requirements applicants must meet to be considered for the scholarship.

1. The first and foremost criteria for the Aaron Minc Scholarship is that applicants must be US citizens. This means that only high school seniors who are citizens of the U.S can apply for the scholarship.

2. Applicant must show a clear intention to further his/her education by choosing a college or university with an acceptable course of study.

3. Applicants must be high school graduates who have been accepted into a college or any university in the United States.

4. Applicants are required to submit a short essay discussing cyberbullying. The essay must be original and submitted before the deadline.

5. The scholarship is open to college students who have not reached their senior year.

In conclusion, it can be gleaned that the significant requirement of the Aaron Minc Scholarship is that applicants must be US citizens from any of the 50 states that make up the United States of America.

Applying for The Aaron Minc Scholarships

Application for the Scholarship takes place online on the Aaron Minc Scholarship website.

Interested applicants will have to fill an online form to apply for the scholarship.

The form has a section to upload the essay on cyber-Bullying and other essential documents, proving that the applicant is a US citizen and a high school senior or a college student yet to graduate.

Documents Required

The applicant is expected to upload all documents online on the scholarship website.

Some of the documents that will be required in filling the online form are:

  • Proof of enrolment in high school or college
  • Proof of citizenship
  • The applicant’s essay on cyberbullying

Benefits Of the Aaron Minc Scholarships

As stated earlier, the Aaron Minc scholarship was created to provide financial assistance to high school students who wish to further their education in colleges or universities in the US.

Therefore, special preference is given to candidates who are not so financially buoyant.

The scholarship provides its beneficiaries with the sum of $1500, which is meant to support the beneficiary’s college tuition.

About The Minc Law Firm

Now, you know all there is to know about the Aaron Minc Scholarship. have you ever thought of the body responsible for financing the scholarship? Well, if that is the case, then you are in the right place.

The Minc law firm is one of the most popular law firms in the US known for supporting businesses.

In addition, the firm stands against any form of injustice that the rigged system metes out to people; this has made the firm quite popular.

The Minc law firm focuses on defending its client against online defamation and negative editorial cases, which has the capability of ruining hard-earned reputations.

Currently, the law firm has achieved in removing over 25000 negative web pages that contained defamatory information against its clients.

The law firm has over 1300 clients and every year receives a large influx of people seeking help.

The law firm has represented over 125 clients in 22 states and 3 countries. One thing is for certain; its clients are always satisfied with the outcome of the litigation.

When it comes to the best law firm specializing in defamation cases in the US, the Minc law firm should be on top of the list.

Their success in defamation cases and removing negative web pages have earned the law firm widespread recognition and acclaim worldwide.

Who is Aaron Minc?

First and foremost, who is Aaron Minc?  Aaron Minc is an attorney known who specializes in legal issues which border on internet defamation and digital privacy.

Aaron Minc graduated from law school in 2008 and was struggling to find a job as a lawyer.

In law school, he had incurred some debts and was trying his possible best to clear up the debts. There was also the pressure to provide for his family.

The great recession of 2008 was in its early boom. It was felt across nearly every sector of the economy, including the legal industry.

Aaron Minc’s job search was futile because none of the law firms were ready to give him a job irrespective of his law school grades or qualifications.

After months of job hunting, he settled for a job in a boutique.

In the course of his employment in the boutique, he met a man who was aggrieved about some negative information published against him on a website called RipoffReport.com.

Aaron offered to help and was able to successfully removed the negative information online, which numerous lawyers before him failed to achieve.

This achievement gained Aaron the needed fame he needed to spearhead his Cleveland-based law firm – Minc Law.

The firm received over 20 requests daily from defamation and revenge porn victims seeking to remove libelous and illegal content from websites, blogs, and popular online bulletin boards.  

Gradually, Minc firm became famous for removing damaging, negative, personal, and defamatory content and information from online publications and websites.

With time, the Minc Law Scholarship was created with the notion of assisting high school seniors and graduates who wish to further their education.


If you are about to graduate from high school, we recommend that you apply for this scholarship.

Remember, this scholarship is only open to US citizens who wish to further their education in any tertiary institution of their choice.

Note that the scholarship is also open to college students who are yet to graduate. While a law firm sponsors this scholarship, applicants are not expected to apply for a law-related course in college.


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