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All ways up Scholarship
All ways up Scholarship

Established in 2009 by Greg and Perlman, ALL WAYS UP SCHOLARSHIP is focused on assisting individuals as well as organizations within communities in the US.

Its mission is to render a helping hand to individuals who are hard-working and yet denied a chance at a better life due to their poor income.

Greg and Perlman owned thousands of housing units in sector 8 and decided in 2009 to give a helping hand to those hardworking individuals with poor financial backgrounds.

They gave out college scholarships to high school graduates living in sector 8 who have enrolled in a college or university program. They also supported local organizations with the mission of giving a better life to the less privileged.

A lot of youth out there with the dreams of pursuing a college degree following high school graduation and becoming professionals in their dream jobs are denied a shot at this by their inability to afford college tuition fees and other associated expenses.

Others are forced to take on side jobs to support themselves while in college. Most often, this constitutes a distraction and a consequent poor grade performance.

ALL WAYS UP SCHOLARSHIP was established to give these students an opportunity of pursuing their dreams and by extension not denying the community future leaders, economists, philanthropists, reformers, and social activists amongst others who would have helped reshape the society and bring about improvement in all aspects of life.

From establishment to date ALWAYS UP has changed a lot of lives as they have provided more than $3 million worth of scholarships to about 600 students who otherwise would be denied their college dream even though they are hardworking.

Students who are eligible for the scholarship, that is have a financial need and meet up with the requirement of the scholarship are to apply for it during the spring of the senior high school year. Successful candidates are paid about $2,500 per college year, this is intended to help cover college-related expenses.

Students enrolled on this scholarship will enjoy a yearly renewal of the scholarship. This is however on the condition that they meet up certain requirements and also remain enrolled in college.


The 2021 ALL WAYS UP SCHOLARSHIP is designed to be strictly by invitation. Qualified candidates are invited for a shot at the scholarship. Other intending candidates are advised to re-visit ALL WAYS UP official website or their offline office in spring for updates on the 2022 scholarship.


Here are the criteria intending applicants must meet to qualify for the ALL-WAYS UP SCHOLARSHIP.

  • Applicant must have lived in a housing unit in sector 8 for a minimum of one year. Alternatively, the applicant must be nominated by an ALL-WAYS UP charity partner.
  • Applicant must be in senior year at an accredited high school.
  • Applicant must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0-grade scale. Although this condition comes with a limited exception
  • Applicants must plan to enroll in a 4-year program at an accredited university to pursue their first bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicant must have evidence of the financial need to be considered this scholarship is for applicants who will be unable to cater for their college or university education without some form of financial assistance

Applicant must be available for a one-day welcome even in Los Angeles

ALL WAYS UP SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to students who demonstrate a high level of hard work and determination to succeed in life.

Students that if given the chance will make the most of it and come out with an outstanding record. Such students are favored in the selection process.

Here are some of the attributes considered before awarding the ALL WAYS UP SCHOLARSHIP:

  1. An applicant with a growth mindset

2. Applicants who are skilled at public speaking

3. Applicants who demonstrate leadership qualities

4. Applicants with extracurricular activities

5. Applicants who demonstrate a financial need

6. Applicants who demonstrate a burning desire to change their lives, make their communities better, and impact positively on the world at large.

7. Applicants with the ability to persevere through difficult conditions

8. And of course, applicants who meet the required grade average point.

For more information check here.


Unlike another scholarship scheme out there, the ALL WAYS UP SCHOLARSHIP requires its applicants to just have a decent grade point average. You must be well motivated to change your life, give back to society and contribute your quota to making the world a better place.


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