Almeda University | Ranking| Courses| Acceptance Rate| Admission Requirements and Tuition

Almeda University | Ranking| Courses| Acceptance Rate| Admission Requirements and Tuition
Almeda University | Ranking| Courses| Acceptance Rate| Admission Requirements and Tuition

The Almeda University is an online service that offers credit for a degree of your choice by evaluating your work history and life experience, as well as your formal education experience. The University was made a higher institution of learning in the year 1997.

The university is a distance learning institution as the students do not have to be on a physical campus. Almeda University is innovative because from 2001 to 2016, the school began to award undergraduate degrees as well as masters and doctorate degree based on “life experience”.

The university provides illegitimate degrees including online certificate programs, general “Life Experience Degrees”, and doctorates in religion and theology, the degrees were given once the payment was made, and the appraisal of the applicant’s life experience was based solely on what the applicant said.

Along with its degree programs, Almeda University also provides many courses that had zero credit and were just for professional development. 

Almeda was accredited by the Council for Distance Education Accreditation, the Interfaith Education Ministries , and the Association for Online Academic Excellence , none of which were recognized by the United States Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Almeda University is widely regarded as a diploma mill, In 2012, Almeda only had a mailing address in Boise, Idaho. It is a Pakistani-owned online American university. Bear Guide said that Almeda has no physical address and is a “web only” institution.

Almeda Academic System

 Over the last several years, Almeda has evolved to educate an expanding population through cutting edge curriculum design based on our students’ needs and professional service, the degrees that the school offers are all done online, and they are in Religion, Art, life experiences, and Business administration.

The university does not offer courses in Law, Medicine, and Surgery, because they are a “web only” institution.

Almeda University is an ideal option for those seeking advanced education because of the wide range of Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees offered through diverse fields, including business, arts and sciences, and most technical fields.

The University has been reported to have good teachers and flexible school hours. They are also affordable and have an incredible teaching ambiance.

Respondents also mentioned “Affordable” and “Positive environment” as notable benefits. Almeda University also offers many non-degree technical and business courses and certification preparation programs by learning online.

Almeda University is a Complete Online Learning System, and they believes the essentials include strong instructional design principles, quality content, interactive elements and technical sophistication.

Almeda University Ranking

Currently, the university school is not ranked among any published Rankings for online universities and colleges. Because of this, the ranking for the school is unavailable.


The Almeda College and University is accredited by, or a member of the following organizations, Almeda University is legally registered as a corporation in the Caribbean island of Nevis. Almeda was listed as an accredited member of several institutions and organizations.

The school is an accredited member of

  1. Interfaith Education Ministries (IMA)
  2. The Association for Online Academic Excellence (AOAEx)
  3. The council for Distance Education Association

Accreditation or acceptance by any of the above organization(s) ensures that degrees issued by Almeda carry the weight they need to be accepted by small, medium, and large companies across the United States and around the world but not everyone. 

1. Interfaith Education Ministries:

Interfaith Education Ministries, which began in 1978, is one of UNESCO’s Higher Education Institutions Registry (HEIR) under the United States of America. IMA is an organization that gives out certificates that evaluates the educational and professional credentials of traditional, nontraditional, religious, and other online and distance education programs. 

2. Association for Online Academic Excellence:

The Association for Online Academic Excellence is a private, professional accrediting association that provides employers with a resource of acceptable college degrees attained through non-traditional means.

The universities that gain accreditation from AOAEx try to churn out qualified degree holders who can stand as traditionally accredited universities’ peers. 

3. Council for Distance Education Association

In the United States, accreditation is used to assure quality in educational institutions and programs, accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental process of peer review, It requires an educational institution or program to meet certain, defined standards or criteria.

This Council is an association with a record of encouraging inclusive, affordable access to quality education. The United States Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation is not recognized by the organizations listed above.

On Almeda University’s website, it is written that the US Department of Education does not accept accreditation sources.

Most states in the South of the US have explicitly stated that Almeda certificates and degrees are not suitable for employment in their states. Some of these states are Texas and Connecticut.

In October 2001, the Connecticut Department of Higher Education asked Almeda to stop offering degrees in the state.

In 2002, the Department of Higher Education sent a second cease and desist letter to Almeda when they discovered they were still issuing degrees and reported them to the Connecticut Attorney General for legal action. 

In 2003, the Florida Department of Education agreed with Almeda University. They required that the institution should not operate in their state anymore.

Residents of Florida could have still gotten a degree from online universities. Almeda warned its students that its degrees would not make them get jobs in Florida.

Almeda was also on the list of “Institutions Whose Degrees are not recognized in Texas” by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Almeda’s website also had information that might mean that the degrees gotten from the university would not make them get public employment in IllinoisOregonNew JerseyNorth DakotaWashington, and Idaho.

 The Better Business Bureau told residents of these states that they should “consider the Almeda degree as a novelty item only”.

In January 2013, the university was sued by the city of Fraser, Michigan, alleging that it violated the Michigan Authentic Credentials in Education Act. In 2016, the Michigan Court of Appeal upheld one of their claims.

What Is the Cost of Tuition at Almeda University?

The cost to attend Almeda University ranges from $500 to $75,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $35,000. When asked how they were able to pay for their training, most of the reviewers responded, “I paid for it myself”.

Below is the tuition fee according to one’s intended program:

What are the Degrees they offer?

However, Almeda University does not offer medical degrees or licensing and law degrees. Degrees that are being offered may vary depending on if they are enough available instructors. Applicants will be given a chance when they apply to select the degree they would like to obtain.

The following degrees are available:

  • Associate of Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Divinity
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Associate of Science
  • Bachelor of Business Administration

How to apply

You apply online by using the menu on the left of their website to go through and choose the undergraduate degree programs they are interested in. The degrees are offered according to whether the faculty instructors are available. Click the “Apply Now!” button on their website to start your degree at Almeda University.


Who can enroll at Almeda University?

Anyone with a high school diploma and has relevant years of experience, knowledge skills, and/or expertise in a particular field of study. Almeda accepts students from across the United States and any part of the world.

Does Almeda approve everyone who applies?

No, they do not. However, if the applicant can prove that they have relevant qualifications, education, skills, or experience in the area of expertise claimed.

Who approves student applications?

Almeda partners with a group of academic and business professionals who are experts in their field. Once your application is received, an assessor will be appointed to you who would assess your skills, knowledge, and experience.

Are there any residency requirements?

You do not need any residency requirements. It does not matter where you are in the world if you wish to earn a degree at Almeda. It is a distance learning institution.

What types of degrees does Almeda offer?

Almeda offers undergraduate and graduates degrees in different fields, like Arts, Communications and Computer Science, the Sciences, Business Administration.

Can I earn a medical or law degree from Almeda?

You cannot acquire a medical or law degree at Almeda University, but the university provides other kinds of undergraduate and graduates degrees.

How long will it take to get my degree?

The assessment process takes from 48 hours to several years. This will depend on qualifications and experience and how easily you can verify your data.

The time required for verification is affected by several factors, like asking you for additional transcripts, certificates, or certifications. The university might ask you to take more courses.

When Almeda approves your degree, it will take 7 to 10 business days for it to be prepared, and then the degree, student record, and other materials will be sent out to you.

What do I get with my degree?

With every Almeda degree, you get the following;

• Alumni services, including online learning resources, career guidance, among others.

• A degree, printed on high-quality paper that you can frame.

• A student record that shows the university’s assessment of your qualifications in the relevant courses. The words “equivalency,” “nontraditional,” “distance learning,” will be on your academic record or any other documents you receive from Almeda College and University.
• Third-party verification for employment purposes. The university will need to have your written permission so that they will be able to supply verification of your degree and date of graduation to any legitimate thirst party that is interested in this information 
• In addition to all of these, you would also get a free, beautiful framed copy of your degree that you can readily display anywhere you want, although this frame is not static and might change.


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