Fully Funded CAA Internships Program

Fully Funded CAA Internships

Have you been resourcing for an internship program to apply? Here is Fully Funded CAA Internships Program leading on entertainment, sports and media for you to apply Now.

The Fully Funded CAA Internships program represents the most creative athletes around the world. In this program many people rely on CAA internships program so as to represent their interest.

Entertainment, Sports and Media is one of the things in life we cannot do without, these has help in making life meaningful and interesting.

So many people in the World today are lovers of sports, music and entertainment. This program is for a talented people to achieve their dreams.

The Fully Funded CAA Internships Program offers current students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain relevant, hands-on work experience at a leading entertainment, media and sports agency.

The participants work alongside seasoned agents and executives to support a variety of projects within their assigned departments.

Interns also participate in a regular speaker series, have the opportunity to build relationships with leaders from all CAA divisions, and attend workshops to help develop the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career.

What is CAA?

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) is the world’s leading full-service entertainment, media, and sports agency, The CAA represent majority of the most successful professionals working in television, film, music, theatre, video games, sports, and digital content.

The internship also offer a range of strategic and marketing consulting services to corporate clients.

Creative Artist Agency

CAA was founded in 1975 and has offices in Munich, Nashville, Miami, London,Munich, Beijing etc the employees have diverse backgrounds but share the same drive and entrepreneurial spirit.

CAA Jobs

Creative artist  agency has great opportunities to those who want to build careers in the agency. Majority of the Entry level jobs are been advertised once in a while and applicants employed upon application.

CAA agency has the reputation of growing careers and the multi-cultural work environment makes the place exciting and inspiring. Look at the agency’s website for adverts

CAA internship program gives current sit and recent graduates the opportunity to gain  relevant knowledge and experience at a major entertainment, media and sport agency.

The Internship also provide an opportunity for the intern to work besides seasoned agnates and those inn executive capacity to plough through projects. 

What The Fully Funded CAA Internships Program Involves

All CAA internships are paid and interns are required to work full time for the duration of the program and interns are responsible for their own accommodation and transportation and relocation cost

Interns are also invited in the regular speaker series where they get the chance to build relationships with leaders and also attend workshops and seminars that build skills.

Structure Of the Fully Funded CAA Internships

 The car internship is super organised and are decided into 

  • music touring
  • Sport property
  • Sales
  • Brand consulting 
  • TV
  • Accounts
  • Tech

The interns will work in their assigned departments to support each project. Most of the projects in this program may involved the interns to carry out research, preparation ,presentations and client pitch materials and maintaining various information.

Who Is Eligible for the Fully Funded CAA Internships

To be eligible for CAA internships, applicants are expected to satisfy  the following conditions.

  • They must be undergraduate students  whoa re in their second or third year of university or they can be recent  graduates who just finished college within 6 months.
  • Applicants  who need visa sponsorship now or later are not eligible to apply for the internship.

How To Apply for the Fully Funded CAA Internships

Candidates are expected to send in a resume and responses to the following questions on a separate document .

  • How did you hear about the CAA internship program what made you decide to apply?
  • Have you ever applied for a job at CAA
  • Please outline what you believe is CAA role within the entertainment and sport industry .
  • What do you expect to gain from the internship program and do you think an internship with CAA will help you achieve your personal and professional growth?
  • Please indicate where you want to intern within our sports, sales, brand consulting, Tech, TV, Account or music division.

Applying for the Fully Funded CAA internships

After checking the eligibility criteria for this Internship, head on to the link below to apply for this awesome program.


Locations and Departments:

On the application, please indicate which location is your preference. Immediately after selection, choose which departments are of top interest based on availability for that location.

Also, note that internship locations and departments for internships vary each session and are contingent upon business needs.

CAA Sports

This division represents more than 1,000 of the world’s greatest athletes in many diverse sporting activities such as football, tennis, basketball and golf etc they also represents, coaches, sport broadcasters and other sporting personal.

They get licensing for them, speaking engagements, endorsements, philanthropy, broadcast rights etc

CAA Music

This department of CAA represents most of the most popular music stars in the world . CAA speak for artist In almost every genre, also they represent film and music composers, tours, event bookings, tour marketing, sponsorship and endorsement opportunities.

CAA Brand Consulting 

The agency provides an opportunity for clients in areas such as licensing, endorsements, corporate marketing strategies etc

CAA Tech

The London technology department  is part of a larger CAA tech group  which is working on 4 pillars of tech to help clients . CAA London IT office gives technical support to the Munich, Shanghai and Beijing regional offices.

Literary CAA 

CAA also represents show runners, writers and directors and other creatives who produce  programs for TV. The CAA internship Program exposes the students to this too.


The CAA internships is a detailed and planned program that is paid. All the participant who are  accepted into the program are given has on experience which will be of use to their future career. The scholarship is fully funded program and such will assist interns financially to achieve their dream.

Also, do not forget that there are other fully funded Scholarships and fully funded internships to Apply in this blog both national and international so subscribe to our newsletter and get notified. Good Luck.

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