Canada Scholarship For International Students 2022/2023 – Apply Now

Canada Scholarship For International Students
Canada Scholarship For International Students

Canada Scholarship For International Students 2022/2023.

Numerous scholarships exist for international students in Canada. In this article we will highlight some of the top Canada scholarship for international students 2022/2023 and how to apply for these scholarships. Luckily, majority of these scholarships are annual scholarships, so if you don’t get to apply this year, you can give it a try next year.

Why Study in Canada.

Canada is the second-largest country in the world by landmass, with a population density that runs at about four inhabitants per square kilometer. The Canada population and landmass are not the only exciting thing about the great country. Canada’s educational system is almost incomparable to none!

The country has over 96 educational institutions, and more so, these institutions are international students friendly. Majority of the Canadian people are welcoming and friendly, making it a safe haven for international students stay.

Apart from its top-notch educational system, the country is on the brink of social systems and technology, making it very accommodating to the open-minded nature of students studying abroad.

Best Canadian Universities.

Most Canadian universities rank best in the QS ranking system. In 2018, the QS Best Student Cities ranked Montréal as the 4th best student city globally, with Toronto at 13th and Vancouver at 17th.

Most international students opt to study in Canada’s main cities, such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal. This is dependent on the course you are applying for, it might become necessary for you to apply to other universities in the regional area. For example, a course like Geography might require you to study outside of the three main cities.

Canada boasts of over 572,000 international students every year. Some popular courses for international students are Computer Science & IT to Media & Journalism, Agricultural Science & Forestry to Business & Finance.

If you want to apply for short courses and diplomas also, then Canada is the country for you to consider. Canada on its own has over 150 colleges that accept both home and international students. Moreover, the Canadian school year generally starts in September.

QS World University Rankings 2021 For Canadian Universities.

The QS World University Rankings 2021 listed out the top 10 universities in Canada, and they are as follows:

  1. Queen’s University
  2. University of Calgary
  3. Western University
  4. University of Waterloo
  5. Université de Montréal
  6. McMaster University
  7. University of Alberta
  8. University of British Columbia
  9. McGill University
  10. University of Toronto

Canada offers Masters, Ph.D., and Bachelor’s Degree for international students. All these degrees when acquired will give you the knowledge and qualifications necessary to pursue a career in your chosen field.

Most Bachelor’s degree program in Canada is pretty flexible, undergraduates get to choose their field of study and are awarded credits when they complete a particular course. Also note that, Undergraduates also have the option to choose from several courses offered in the department.

All the International students coming from other countries, who English is not their first language are required to take an English proficiency test. Some of the top course international students apply for are:

  • Computer Science & IT.
  • Business & Finance.
  • Core Engineering & Engineering Management.
  • Physical & Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy.
  • Agricultural Science & Forestry.
  • Biosciences, Medicine & Healthcare.
  • Media & Journalism.

Canada Scholarship For International Students 2022/2023.

The scholarships outlined below are either available for undergraduate or postgraduate studies:

1. University of Toronto Canada International Admission Scholarships 2022

This scholarship open to all international students of all nationalities. This University of Toronto is responsible for the funding of this scholarship for full-time undergraduates. This Toronto university scholarship is available for all fields of study and is offered automatically once you applied to study at the university.

For one to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be fluent in English Language and must also meet the university’s admission requirements on the admission requirements page. Visit the University of Toronto admission page for more information.

2. UFV International Excellence Entrance Scholarship Canada 2022

UFV International Excellence Entrance Scholarship Canada 2021 is open for students interested in Postgraduate, Graduate scholarships in Canada. This UFV International scholarship covers all Subjects taught at the University of the Fraser Valley.

The scholarship is worth $20,000 for the duration of the program. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be interested enrolled in a degree program at the university and possess the necessary qualifications, including a 3.5 GPA and strong communication and leadership skills. The Applications for the 2021 UFV International Excellence Entrance Scholarship in Canada are to be done online.

3. Ivey Global Leader Award Canada 2022- 2023

This is a Masters’s scholarship open to international students that wish to continue their studies in Business Administration and Business Management.  Ivey Global leader award is awarded to high-performing candidates who have demonstrated leadership potential in their country of residence. Ivey Global Leader scholarship awards $50,000 CDN to ten candidates.

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university and then apply for admission to the university. All the candidates for this scholarship are required to submit their unofficial transcripts, GMAT score, a Resumé demonstrating a minimum of two years, TOEFL or IELTS score, and two professional references.

4. McCall MacBain Scholarships at McGill University Canada 2022

The scholarship is open for students interested in Undergraduate, Master’s scholarships in Canada. This McCall MacBain scholarship is also available for undergraduates interested in Arts, Architecture, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Information Systems.

Up to 80 other awards ranging between $5,000 or $10,000 will be offered to international students of all nationalities. for one to qualify or be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must have Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or refugee status in Canada and a recognized institution’s Bachelor’s degree.  All candidates are expected to apply for admission to the university for a full-time masters or professional program for Fall 2022.

5. Canada William H McCardell Memorial International Scholarship, 2022-23

Canada William H McCardell Memorial International Scholarship, 2022-23, is open for students interested in Masters, Ph.D. scholarships in Canada. This William H Memorial International scholarship is only available to Masters and Ph.D. in Forest Ecology, Wildland Recreation.


In summary Scholarships are great ways to study abroad at a low cost, If you are interested in studying in Canada for 2021 fall, then this post will be of great help to you.

This article, however, highlighted the top 5 Canada scholarships for international students 2022/2023. All interested candidates wishing to study in Canada will also have to do additional research on other juicy scholarship opportunities available in Canada. GOOD LUCK.

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