Easy Ways on How to Earn Huge Money as a Virtual Assistant ($50/hour) Proven Strategy.

How to Earn Money as a Virtual Assistant
How to Earn Money as a Virtual Assistant

In this article, we will be taking you through some of the proven ways on how to Earn Huge money as a Virtual Assistant. Are you a Virtual assistant or an aspirant of this profession, looking for a way to earn big? No worries, as this article will navigate opportunities as a virtual assistant to earn $50 per hour by following these easy strategies.

How to Make Money as Virtual Assistant

Firstly, we would like to take an overview of some points you should consider that will enable you to make money as a rookie virtual assistant in just an hour.

+ Land Your First Client

It is in most cases smart idea, to start as a VA by leveraging a lateral skill, as sorting your early client is chilling. With regards to this consider that you have no freaking idea of what you’re doing.

What does this mean? To start making a quick earn as a Virtual Assistant, it is always required that you demand a skill you have already learned. However, this could be established on preceding understanding, prior proficiency, and or a job credential.

As regards some possible skills that you might have learned, probably in school, you can adopt some of these things already learned into the organization for your VA business. Starting a bookkeeping or digital company business is a good startup, perhaps you went to school for accounting. In addition to showcasing abilities that are already in your overview, always influence your preceding ordeal.

+ Offer VA Services Clients Want

Perhaps, a statement requiring your assistance or packages of your existing contributions as been offered to you by your client, this section of the article will put you through some incredibly vast assignments and assistance you can give to different entrepreneurs/ your clients:

Blog management

Ebook promotion and guest blogging,

Social media scheduling

Marketing and webinars

Freelance writing

Editing and copywriting

Email management

Researching and fact-checking etc.

To work your way up from there, it’s cool to just narrow down your focus by only offering 1-3 packages based on experience. However, it is required that you catalog the major duties for each, start/end dates, a client testimonial, what each package + rate includes, any payment details, and a link to your portfolio.

+ Create a Website or Portfolio

After a series of your available and already rendered services of your, VA is under-listed, you can use this to help build the packages/offerings on a website or portfolio page. A “work with me” page, “hire me” page, or anything else, is cool to be fixed upon your assistance page for some aspects.

Here is a checklist for your service page on your web to become a virtual assistant:

Offerings, services, packages

Topics, industry, etc

Current rates (or starting rates)

Testimonials from current clients

A contact form (Very crucial)

Who you are and what you offer

Experience, examples, portfolio

Current and past clients

Your charge: By the Hour vs a Flat Rate

As a Virtual Assistant, do not plop yourself in the situation of working for hours and days and not getting properly repaid for it as It’s tough to entirely comprehend your work devotion and how extended specific projects will take you. Following this factual analysis, it’s reasonable to charge clients by the hour.

However, you can shift to a monthly payment or steady ratio instead of charging by the hour, after getting to know how long the categories of assistance extend to you, and the cumulative percentage of work they include.

With regards to email management works, you could offer this service for a flat $400 per week (which works out to be $40 an hour) as you may already know that it will take you 1-2 hours per day, 5 days a week.

It is therefore important to note that the going rate for Virtual Assistant work range between $20 – $50 per hour.

It is only reasonable for an incredibly inexperienced VA, to ratify a much lower ratio. But after that, you must increase your prices and ask for puts up.

Though, depending on your client and their industry of work, you should note that the more technological your VA contributions are, the more per hour you can charge.

For almost as much as a monetary company can pay a non-profit client won’t be eligible to. However, be bold to start out charging by the hour and then switch to a flat rate.

+ Never Stop Learning

As a Virtual Assistant, it’s always required that you comprehend and enhance your profession as it is a vital role of serving as a virtual assistant. Frequent requirements benefit from tech-related dilemmas and testing out fresh social outlets or business tools often occur with online business proprietors and entrepreneurs. As a Virtual Assistant, YOU can be the one to assist them with these things.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Virtual Assistants

Can Virtual Assistants Make a lot Of Money?

Varying sources like the pay scale had proven that with the 90th percentile earning around $28 per hour, virtual assistants are regular $15.72 per hour. This could be estimated between the pay range of $32,068 – $57,120 per year in salary before premia.

How Do I Become A Successful Virtual Assistant?


Manage tasks like a pro

Be attentive to details

Be ready to handle challenges well

Always do your best

Set up a suitable work environment,

Understand your job priorities

Be someone your client can rely on

What Skills Does Virtual Assistant Need?

  • Organization
  • Creativity
  • Typing
  • Reliability
  • Resourcefulness
  • Self-motivation
  • Communication
  • Time management


There you have it, Shocking Easy Ways on How to Earn Huge Money as a Virtual Assistant ($50/hour) Proven Strategy, how to become one, and some amazing facts about them. However, we believe by now you’ve gotten what you need, to start making a big earn as a Virtual Assistant, so if you find this post useful, please do not hesitate to share using the share button on any of the social media platforms.

Also, you can check through this blog page for more articles like this and make sure you share this article: “how to Earn Huge Money as a Virtual Assistant”.

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