Getting into Pt school With Low GPA

Getting into Pt school With Low GPA
Getting into Pt school With Low GPA

Lots of students out there dream of one day gaining admission into physical therapy (PT) school, however, one huddle that usually gets in the way of this dream is a low GPA. Getting into Pt school With Low GPA explained in details how to ace through the physical therapy school with low Gpa.

PT schools in the United States and especially those in Canada have a steep GPA requirement which therefore constitutes the biggest obstacle to students aspiring to secure admission into these schools.

It is difficult getting into PT school with a low GPA, therefore before applying for any institution be it in the US or Canada, ensure you meet up with the GPA requirement before applying as this is one of the easiest criteria to weed out applicants given the yearly number of applicants.

The GPA criteria is a biased method of assessing students who can potentially become great physical therapists tomorrow as this requires just more than a decent GPA.

A good physical therapist must possess qualities such as empathy, passion, professionalism, and work ethics. Most institutions completely ignore these qualities and set GPA as the goal standard.

Some institutions care about these other qualities which are essential to becoming a good physical therapist. However, even in this institution, to get invited for this interview, you must have scored a decent GPA. This further demonstrates how almost impossible it is to get into PT school with a low GPA.

The prerequisite coursework grade average point

Getting into PT school with a low GPA is more difficult in institutions such as those in the US which consider two sets of GPAs; the prerequisite coursework GPA and the overall GPA.

Most PT programs have prerequisite courses you are required to have completed before applying for the program. Your GPA these courses is called the prerequisite coursework GPA. Getting into PT school with a low GPA for these courses will likely deny you the admission spot.

Depending on the PT school, the prerequisite courses include; anatomy, physiology, chemistry, physics, biology, psychology, and introduction to statistics.

The overall grade average point

The overall grade average point as the name implies considers your grades throughout your undergraduate program. It covers more courses compared to the prerequisite coursework grade average point.

The overall grade average point is an important admission criterion and you will be denied getting into PT school with a low GPA.

What to do if your GPAs are below the minimum mark

Almost all PT schools have a set minimum mark for these GPAs, below which getting into the program will be a nightmare or let’s just say a miracle.

If either of these GPAs is below the minimum mark set by the school you are applying for, then it’s best to go for an academic upgrade. This is nothing to feel bad about as many excellent PT students went through academic upgrading.

What to do if you only barely meet the minimum requirements

An unbelievable number of candidates apply for the PT program yearly. Most of these candidates have a reasonably high GPA well above the set minimum by the school. A GPA which only barely above the minimum requirement puts you at a disadvantage given the competition.

Getting into PT school with a low GPA such as this may prove difficult. Although not compulsory, you may benefit from an academic upgrade which will help improve your chances.

There is a variation amongst PT schools regarding these minimum GPAs, ensure to do your findings and apply for schools with lower requirements in this case.

What to do if you intend to apply with a bare minimum grade

Ensure to strengthen every other aspect of your application

Improve your admission chances by sourcing for a stronger reference, engaging in more extracurricular activities, volunteering more at the clinic amongst others. Mentioning these on your PTCAS may help improve your chances.

Arrange an offline meeting with the faculty

If you can afford to do, arrange a personal meeting with the faculty and put up a good impression at this meeting. This will greatly improve your odds as well. This is extremely important especially for non-PTCAS schools.

If it’s possible to combine the two strategies then go for it. Getting into PT school with a low GPA is a rare occurrence, so, it will not hurt to do whatever it will take.

Cheapest PT schools in CA:

Location School Total Tuition
Sacramento Sacramento State $77,382
San Francisco UCSF/SFSU $74,412
Fresno Fresno State $68,784
Long Beach CSU Long Beach $77,382
LA/Northridge CSU Northridge $77,382

Online DPT Programs 

Each time you are seeking for online DPT programs, it is necessary to find a program that best fits your professional needs. Lots of online options are for transitional doctor of physical therapy (TDPT) programs, which are designed for students who already have a background in physical therapy (many of them became PTs before a doctorate was required and complete a TDPT to increase their knowledge).

There are also a couple of PhD options, which are not designed to prepare entry level physical therapy students for clinical practice. Neither TDPTs or PhDs in physical therapy are accredited by CAPTE.

Those who are looking to start their physical therapy careers should always look for regular doctor of physical therapy programs (sometimes clinical DPT programs). These programs prepare students for first time certification as physical therapists.

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Understandably, admission into PT is a highly competitive one as thousands of students apply each year. Your chances of getting in are significant with a high GPA. Conversely, Getting into Pt school With Low GPA is equally a nightmare.

Improve your chances by engaging in other activities that your intended school might reward you for or by arranging a meeting with the faculty to give it a personal touch.


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