Google Nigeria Internship 2022

Google Nigeria Internship 2021
Google Nigeria Internship 2021

Google remains one of the world’s largest enterprises. Google Nigeria Internship 2021 is a unique and highly valuable opportunity provided for Nigerians who which to pursue an internship at Google Nigeria.

Google Nigeria’s internship program is different from the conventional Google Nigeria recruitment exercise.

There are several career opportunities at google Nigeria. Participants of the Google Nigeria Internship 2021 program aside from learning from the best in terms of google business, software engineering, and other technological skills, are also exposed to some of these careers available at google Nigeria.

in this article, you shall be learning about google Nigeria, available google Nigeria internship, the requirements for a google Nigeria internship, and how to apply for a google Nigeria internship.

About the Google Nigeria Internship

As you look forward to your Google Nigeria Internship 2021, here are some points to note about google Nigeria. Google Nigeria is a unique company that outperforms conventional companies.

At google Nigeria, the focus is on innovation as well as smart business practices. Workers and interns are therefore given the opportunity to be involved in problem-solving innovations and the invention of better business practices that could take the business to the next level.

This is opposite the working experience in a conventional company where workers repeat the same routine almost every day throughout the year.

The company policy ensures that every employer be you a permanent staff or an intern is given a voice and that voice is respected is held with high regard.

The company gives you the feeling that your idea is as important as any other person’s idea and that the growth of the company depends on you- her staff.

Workers are well motivated to put in their best, with the state of the art working environment, competitive salaries, financial bonuses as well as rewards.

Here you are not only going to be well compensated for your input, but you also learn and sharpen your skills as you go along.

Latest Google Nigeria internship

Here are some of the available google Nigeria internships. Intending applicants are however advised to always check the companies official website for an updated list and this list is constantly updated.

  • 2021 google business intern application
  • 2021 student training in engineering program (STEP) at google
  • Google Software engineering or site reliability engineering internship
  • 2021 google research intern /Ph.D.
  • 2021 google research intern /MSc


Do Google Interns get Paid?

Generally, most Google interns earn more than a majority of full-time employees across the country. says the average Google intern earns about $5,678 monthly or $68,136 annually.

What is Google’s Acceptance rate?

Google’s acceptance rate is 0.2% and has ranked as one of the top companies to work for. This is no longer a surprise that this tech company receives roughly 3 million applications annually.

What are the requirements for a Google Nigeria Internship?

Google Nigeria internships have different requirements. It’s important to read through these requirements before applying for any of the google Nigeria internships.

For example, google business internship involves areas of business such as GCS and operations, large customer scales, google cloud, and marketing.

Interns are given responsibilities based on their interests, skills, and level of education. it’s important to note the minimum qualification required and apply accordingly before the stated deadline.

For candidates who wish to apply for the 2021 student training in engineering program (STEP), it’s important to note that this is only available for students who are currently in 100 or 200 level in an accredited degree program.

  • The candidate must be a student of either computer science or any other related field with 2023 or 2025 as the anticipated years of graduation.
  • The location of the program is at Lagos state and the minimum required qualification is for the candidate to be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in computer science or a related field.
  • Candidates are also required to have some basic knowledge and experience with either java, python, or C++.

(STEP) google Nigeria internship is an attempt by Google to increase the number of computer scientists as well as software developers, given that these people have been underrepresented over the years.

During the program, intern students are thought and monitored by full-time Google and mentors. They are given projects which are supervised and scored.

Intern students during the program are given the responsibility of applying the theoretical knowledge they have acquired from their program in computer science in solving a real-world challenge.

They are also given challenging projects which they are expected to complete. Intern students can enhance their coding and programming skills amongst other benefits.

How to apply for the Google Nigeria Internship

To apply for the Google Nigeria internship, simply visit the company’s official website and click apply to fill out the online application form.

Apply Here


Google Nigeria internship is the perfect opportunity you need to take your skills to the next level. It’s an experience that guarantees not just a fine working environment but the chance to improve on your skills and learn to compete in the ever-growing technology market.


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