Graduate Internship program | How To Get Them

Graduate Internship program | How To Get Them
Graduate Internship program | How To Get Them

If your interest has been to get a graduate internship opportunities or to become an intern in one of to the biggest companies around your vicinity or around the world then, this article: Graduate Internship program | How To Get Them is basically for you.

So don’t be in a haste to exit this article because a lot of information that you need to gain graduate internship opportunities has been discussed elaborately here.

This article will discuss in detail what graduate internship is all about, procedures to follow in order to gain or become an intern and advantages of being an intern and what is required of you as an intern, also this article will also educate you on how to become a permanent staff after the training.

Overview of  Graduate Internship Program.

Graduate Internships are opportunities offered by the employer to an employee usually known as an intern for a very short period of time which may lead to a permanent opportunities depending on the performance of the intern during the training period.

These opportunities are usually provided by most big companies or industries in the City.

Annually, a substantial number of graduates from various field of discipline are been offered a permanent job through graduate internship program.

This is either because the intern impressed the employer so much at the cost of the training or that the intern has contacts in the industry and get hired.

Most Graduate Internship Jobs are sometimes based on the academic performance of the intern in school.

Some companies or industries a times set up a target or a grade (GPA) at which an intern must attain before offering him or her an internship jobs.

Most of this big companies that offers this great opportunities are :

Banking institution, investment and financial services, engineering firms, oil firms,WHO, law firms and strategic and management consultancies. Etc.

These companies employ over hundred graduate from different Field of discipline every year through an internship program.

Also, more than one thousand graduates apply for graduate internship Jobs annually but only few of them end up getting employed after the training.

In most cases the internship may comprise of supervised practical training depending on the company offering the opportunity.

And also in most cases the internship program is always related to the interns career goals or field of discipline and that will automatically serve as a foundation or a training ground to the intern which may lead to permanent job.

See more on Internship law:

Internships provides so many opportunities for both students and undergraduates, even though there is no permanent position but it may lead to a professional employment and other work experience you may acquire as a student or undergraduate.

Why Graduate Internship Jobs.

• The most important factor in choosing a Graduate Internship Jobs is that it’s always a training ground for fresh graduates to start up their career pursuit.

Graduate Internships can offer you an opportunity to enroll into a professional job in the company.

• Internships will also reveals to you the working culture of an organization.

• It  will also make you understand the importance of team work, benefits of industrial experience and will also enhance your communication skills and time management which companies put into consideration during employment.

This make some companies to always prefer to enroll employees into Internship training.

Below are guidelines on how to get a graduate internship opportunities and land yourself a professional and permanent Job. 

How To Get Graduate Internship Program.

Below are the steps to take when seeking for any graduate internship opportunities that will help you improve in your career.

1. Proper Research.

This involves taking time to look or search through online for different companies or institutions that offers great graduate internship programs within or outside your vicinity.

There are different websites that provides you with the recent information on some graduate internship Jobs.

Also, take out time to do research about the company you intend to work with and know the kind of opportunities they offer, know if what they do relate to your career goals, so that you can cope well and get hired at the end of the Internship.

2. Proper Application.

The major reason why people are not taken after applying for graduate internship jobs or other jobs is because the kind of CV and cover letter they submit to the company.

Note that the employers always like your CV when applying for any work or Internships, don’t take this for granted instead make your CV to look as if you are applying for CEO jobs.

So take enough time to go through your CV/applications and give it to anyone for corrections before submitting it to the company you are applying to.

3. Build Strong Contacts with Few Companies.

Building contacts with company’s admin is another strategy that can give an edge over other applicants because weather the company is hiring or not, or have published openings, the direct approach is always productive as applying for an advertised position.

Because the letter is by definition a competitive situation so anyone can apply and compete for it where as you may be the only one coming through that means.

4. Build Strong Network.

Today, in the world you hardly see advertisement for great opportunities/jobs, same with Internship Jobs.

Take time to build Network of people that you can share your problems with, discuss with them the kind of Internship you are seeking for. These could be your friends, families, neighbors and your university career service.

Make out time and speak with people, tell them what the situation is and where you are hoping to work and then encourage your connections to share it.

Why should you get an internship with Big Employer?

Working with a big employer during an internship program is an added advantage to the intern as it will provide more chances of gaining employment at the end of the program. For example:

  • A Big employer is more likely than a smaller one to be able to offer a virtual internship if a planned face-to-face one cannot take place due to the coronavirus.
  • You are likely to be paid for your time – it is rare for large, established graduate employers to offer unpaid formal internship schemes. According to the ISE, the average annual salary for interns and placement students at their member employers is £19,000.
  • You are likely to be offered the same sorts of benefits and perks that graduates are – and if an internship has to be virtual, they are more likely to be able to send you technical equipment if you need it.
  • Larger employers usually offer more structured training on a wider variety of topics than is available with smaller employers.
  • You have a good chance of either being offered a place on the graduate programme or being fast-tracked to the final stages of the employer’s recruitment process. This ISE reports that 50% of interns and placement students were hired into graduate roles with their internship employer in 2019–2020.
  • Even if you don’t end up working there permanently, you can add a prestigious name on your CV that will catch other recruiters’ attention.

Merits of Graduate Internship to Students.

  • You get a opportunity to ‘try out’ a job role and see first-hand what it’s like.
  • You gain valuable work experience and learn skills that employers value.
  • You have a excellent opportunity to prove your skills and abilities to a potential employer. You can shown them qualities like; your enthusiasm, determination, communication skills, punctuality, work rate and efficiency.
  • They can boost a graduates knowledge and experience of the working world.
  • Graduates have a opportunity to learn transferable skills.
  • Have a chance to make contacts within their chosen industry.
  • They can give you a taste of what it’s like to work for a employer.

Who can be an intern?

Again, there are no hard and fast rules about who can or can’t be an intern. Generally speaking, internships are undertaken by penultimate or final year students, or college graduates, outside of term time, so during holidays or after graduation.

The Work placements can often form part of your course or studies and are often organised through your institution. 


Graduate Internship Program has helped so many students and graduate ace their dreams, if you are such a person that is always interested in working with a high class personnel’s then you need a great opportunity like Internship to train and prepare yourself for a better tomorrow.

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