How to apply for a Job in the US from Africa and get a Job Offer

How to apply for a Job in the US from Africa and get a Job Offer
How to apply for a Job in the US from Africa and get a Job Offer

Getting a job offer in the US can be difficult especially if you’re from Africa. To apply for a Job in the US from Africa is also difficult as it takes a long process. However, one can’t rule out the fact that if you apply for a job in the US, you can get a job offer and can end up moving to the US to work. Go through this article ” How to apply for a Job in the US from Africa and get a Job Offer” and learn more on getting job abroad.

This article highlights the process of applying for a job in the US from Africa and how to get a job offer. Read on to know more. Requirements to work in the US

To work in the US, there are requirements on How to apply for a Job in the US from Africa and get a Job Offer.

  • You must have obtained a working visa. This is very compulsory as you can’t work as a foreigner in the US without the working Visa.
  • Proof of eligibility to work is also necessary as it is part of the final hiring process.
  • An unexpired foreign passport
  • Proof of identity e.g national ID card

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How to get a job in the US from Africa: Step by step

You can get numerous job vacancies online. You only need to choose one you can do and apply. Here are to steps to apply for a job in the US.

+ Search for Available Jobs

You can use Platforms like LinkedIn and Craigslist to do your job searching. Ensure to read every job requirement before thinking of applying. Know and be sure you have all the requirements before you apply. Though you can as well apply for certain jobs if you don’t have all the requirements that is if the company is ready to sponsor you.

+ Next, write an award winning resume for the jobs

Resume can also be referred to as CV. Your resume should contain your personal details as well as your qualifications and skills. Be persuasive and soft in your writing approach; view it as a marketing tool and state clearly what you’re capable of doing. It should reflect the working field.

Ensure to write your resume in a best possible way as it can help you get a job offer in the US. Your resume is a marketing tool; utilize it well!

+ Look for companies that offer sponsorships

One thing that may hinder from getting the job is not having a work visa. It may be difficult to obtain the work visa on your own; so you’ll find it easier if a company sponsor you. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Deloitte, Infosys and many other company offers sponsorship to foreigners.

A regular visa won’t allow you to work and earn money in the USA. You must obtain a work visa!

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+ write out an application letter and submit

After you have written your resume in the best possible way, write an application letter using fine tone and correct English and submit it via the platform where you find the job vacancy. Do proper research and have in mind the job requirements when writing the application letter.

Submit the letter with your CV and other documents that may be required for the job. Do the same for every other job vacancy you have found when doing your searching.

Ensure to double confirm that you have filled a correct contact details. To be on a safer side ensure that your filled in details correspond with what is in your documents.

+ Interview!

This is the most difficult part of the whole process. Having submitted your letter and other documents, you’ll be contacted for an interview. It could be an online interview. All that you’ve got to do is to prepare well and get familiar with the company’s goals and values.

Having done all these, you can expect to get a job offer at the very least. It is only left for you to accept.

Meanwhile, let’s also look at some of the jobs with high demand in the US.

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High Demand Jobs in the USA

Provided you have the work visa, you can immigrate to USA and start working. Here are high demand jobs in the USA that pays well:

1. Software Developer:

It is obvious that IT is one major industry that thrives really good in the US. The demand for software developers is high and you may want to consider it if you have the necessary skills and degrees that make you capable for the job.

Software developers can earn around $70 – $90 per hour and around $100,000 – $130,000 annually.

2. Babysitter:

This is one job that is high in demand in the USA. You can easily families willing to pay a decent amount for you watch over their kids, feed them and organize a schedule.

This does not require any major skill but good communication in English is necessary. Babysitters can earn up to $1,500 per month.

3. Courier:

This involves delivering packages to customers. You can work with a company like amazon and help them in this regard. Good communication in English is necessary as well as some other skills like driving may be necessary.

4. Industrial Engineers:

If you are skilled in industrial engineering, you can look into being one in a company in the US as it is one a job with high demand. This line of work has many vacant positions due to less experience in this field.

Vocational training coupled with a certificate for you line of work is necessary. Experience in working in related field or industry is an added advantage.

5. Truck Drivers:

You drive various goods in a truck to various locations. Many industries need this service as there are little people working in this field. Knowing how to drive a truck is compulsory; basic communication in English is also necessary.

To boost your chances of getting a job offer, you can look into the above list of high demand jobs in the US provided you have the necessary skills.

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This article has looked into the process of applying for a job in the US from Africa as well as few hints on how to get a job offer and also How to apply for a Job in the US from Africa and get a Job Offer.

Hope you find this article helpful, drop your thoughts in the comment box below.


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