How to Get New Jobs in U.S.A or Canada

How to Get New Jobs in U.S.A or Canada
How to Get New Jobs in U.S.A or Canada

Perhaps, you are looking for a way to work in Canada? No worries, as in this article: “How to Get New Jobs in U.S.A or Canada”, we will be taking you through some things you should know, do for you to get employed in the United States or Canada.

Firstly, it is important to note that US-based companies can’t hire international employees in the traditional sense, as their direct payroll is reserved for US citizens only. However, there are still other possibilities if you want to be hired globally, work for people directly from home, remotely from your country.

Below are ways or procedures on How to Get New Jobs in U.S.A or Canada:

+ Record an elevator pitch video on your mobile phone

Following the fact that employers tend to have an unconscious bias against your communication skills, as a new immigrant, which is a soft skill that is mostly required in almost every job description.

However, your communication skills and vocabulary will be exposed, with a video elevator pitch. The output limits any negative biases or assumptions the employer or recruiter may have made about you, as regard your communication skill.

A using teleprompter app like Video Teleprompter Premium will be cool, in cases where you have trouble memorizing words.

How to go about this:

  • Create a great 30–45 second elevator pitch Load it up on YouTube
  • Add it to your LinkedIn profile
  • Link from your emails to hiring managers and or recruiters’ tool.

+ Anglicize/Shorten your name

This is a sensitive topic, worth mentioning, as sources had proven that If you have an ethnic name that is long and you believe will be challenging for a Canadian to pronounce, you tend to receive 20–40 percent fewer callbacks, compared to their Anglo-named counterparts who has the same qualifications, or even lesser.

A good instance is a study from the University of Toronto and Ryerson University, that found job seekers with non-anglicized names received 20–40 percent fewer callbacks, compared to their Anglo-named counterparts with lesser and the same qualifications.

However, this could be less of an issue in large corporate organizations in Canada where diversity and inclusion are more actively practiced.

It is therefore important that you note that having an ethnic name that is long and you believe will be challenging for a Canadian to pronounce, should be considered shortening for your resumé and LinkedIn profile.

+ Write cover letters the right way

Although employers, recruiters, and managers will say they don’t read cover letters which is because everyone usually sucks at writing cover letters, it’s cool to get one as it is always required.

Job Search expert Liz Ryan from Human Workplace noted that a cover letter should read like a business pain letter.

The focus should be about providing solutions to what business pain/challenge(s) you believe your future manager is feeling right now as the job exists because there is pain or problem that needs fixing.

Please instead of assuming you know how to write cover letters, research about the best way to.

+ Post your resumé and cover letter directly to hiring managers

This is also another way on How to Get New Jobs in U.S.A or Canada, the benefit of using the postal service is so unlike email, following the fact that your letters will never be ignored. In most cases, the postal service is underestimated, but you should know that this service is alive and well in Canada. Invest in stamps, envelopes. Post your resumé and cover letter to those 25 contacts you discovered.

That’s the easy part.

You can even make good impressions, by taking the stress to gather info about your proposed organization and or company create a customized cover letter for each of them. Though might take a lot of sacrifices and effort, however, this depends on how badly you want that first job in Canada?

+ Search YouTube for Dr. Lionel Laroche

Following the fact that communication, leadership, feedback, meetings, punctuality are some of the notable areas in which Canada is different from the rest of the world, especially when compared to Asia and the middle east, so to understand how Canadian work culture is different from your home country, a video of Dr. Lionel Laroche, will help to navigate/find your way to get employed in Canada.

This video will help to educates you on how to go about presenting yourself in the interview and have a better understanding of Canadian norms of employment. Alongside, his talks are both enlightening, entertaining, Canadian Work culture and how it relates to immigrants.

+ It is advisable, to read as many job descriptions for your target job title as you can

The mistake of brain dumping their past experiences onto their resumé, is by default, what most new immigrant does. Providing an exclusive service is your future employer’s needs and how you translate your experience to those needs, and not about what you did in the past.

However, it is in most cases advisable to read job descriptions for your target office/job title as many as you can, such that when you’re done, you tend to go through more.

Always update yourself with trends in areas of requirements and qualifications, industry language in Canadian terms including any gaps that you may find, make sure your resumé speaks to those trends, and fill those gaps if you have them.

+ Making up an impressive resumé

Varying sources including Career Builder had noted that there are some fascinating words and tenses, that an employee to adopt when drafting a resume. These words are cool to be used in your experience section. However, some of these words include but are not limited to the following:

  • Influenced
  • Increased/Decreased
  • Ideas
  • Achieved
  • Created
  • Resolved
  • Volunteered
  • Improved
  • Trained/Mentored
  • Managed

Get more info here


There you have it, unique ideas on how to get new jobs in USA or Canada. However, we believe by now you’ve gotten what you need, including how advantageous it is to utilize postal services while posting your cover letter and some key important words to be adopted while drafting your resume “Good luck and welcome to Canada”

However, if you find this post useful, please do not hesitate to share using the share button on any of the social media platforms. Also, you can check through this blog page for more articles like this and make sure share this article: “How to Get New Jobs in U.S.A or Canada” to your friends and families.

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