International Studies Major (Everything you Need to Know)

International Studies Major
International Studies Major

If you notice that the generation we are, there is an urgent need for globalism, to have a better insight into what is currently happening around the world. Additionally, an international studies degree exposes you to things like politics, history, and so on. This article “International Studies Major (Everything you Need to Know)” explain in details all the things you need to know about International Studies and Relationship.

What are International Studies Majors?

International studies major deals with studying and learning about an international country’s language, history, cultures, etc. However, it gives you an insight into understanding international politics, culture, government, religion, and economics. With, an international studies degree gives you an understanding of different diverse nations, and governments, the challenges they face, and strategies to manage international challenges. Moreover, this article will guide you on everything you need to know about international studies major. Let’s get, into this now.

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How do know if international studies major is the right fit for you

many people face the issue of whether to go for international studies or not. However, that should not border you, this post got you covered.

First of all, students who are interested in addressing difficult challenges like corruption or human rights issues. Additionally, students who take pleasure in learning about other countries’ civilizations. Finally, students who are interested in knowing what is currently happening around the world.

What can I do with an international studies major?

getting a degree in international studies will help you gain more knowledge about the world we live in. Moreover, there are some good reasons why you should invest in a career in international studies. However, there are lots of benefits one can enjoy.

Benefits of a Degree in international studies

These are some examples of benefits you have while studying for international relations.

1 lot of traveling

while studying international relations, you have to understand how political systems, governing practices and how the world function and interact. this means you have to develop a skill which will make you very desirable in different parts of the world. Thus, you will be moving from one country to another to provide help to solve world crises.

2 the value of the field

International study is not a new concept in this world we are in. Moreover, its relevance is increasing fast. people are researching how to help us deal with the globalization that has taken place. Thus, that is why this area of the field is more important.

3 a while range of career options

if you are looking for a degree in international studies, you will probably do some research, and you will discover there are a lot of opportunities ahead of you. However-, your main recruiter will certainly be the federal government. However, they aren’t the only option for you. you will always remain in the spotlight of private sectors and NGOs, as well. They are all looking for trained personnel to help them coordinate global operations.

 4 the transferable skills

There is a lot of good skill one can acquire or develop with a career in international studies major. All these skills can be transferred, meaning that you can use them in all aspects of your life outside of international studies. Moreover, with a good background in economics and the world market. your ideal of understanding a different culture, your ability to speak different languages, and to adapt quickly can be a key factor in the search for a skilled manager.

5 you will experience cultural immersion.

when you study and work in international relations, you explore yourself in other cultures. However, you will have the knowledge to learn about other people’s traditions and languages. Thus, that will also be a key factor.

6  have an impact on real issues

if you ever wish to work in politics, you have to develop and implement policies that could improve the standard of living around the world. like, natural crises and environmental issues.

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International studies major degree jobs

Now that you have a clearer knowledge of having an international studies degree. you will be probably worried about the types of job opportunities to find. Don’t be worried, we got you covered.

international relations majors obtain an understanding of economics, culture, history, and languages. After graduation, most people make top-notch skills. Thus, they make excellent listeners, speakers, problem solvers, precise writers, and critical thinkers. Moreover, they are qualified to work in both the non-profit sector and corporate. However, there are jobs related to government. such as education, media, business, and law.

 Available Jobs for international studies major within the governmental sector

It is worth mentioning that federal government jobs are most seeking international studies. Additionally, most agencies like the CIA, to the state department are on the lookout for excellent great minds that can handle foreign relations. Moreover, these are the following fields you can potentially work on.

  • The department of defense
  •  department of justice
  • department of Agriculture
  •  The department of energy
  • foreign service
  • national security Agency

Thus, the CIA earns in the range of $44,465 to $86,801, and the foreign affairs officer for the state, department earns in the range of $77,353 to $100,554.

The following are the example of government jobs include the following:

  • Immigration specialist
  • intelligence specialist
  • international lawyer
  • international marketing specialist
  • Diplomat
  • Economist
  • Immigration specialist
  • intelligence lawyer
  • international marketing specialist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Politician
  • Politician analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • United nations worker
  • Archivist

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Available jobs for international studies major from the private sector

if you have the zeal toward international studies, but do not fancy working for the government. However, there is a piece of good news many private sectors are in search of graduates in this area of the field.

However, non-profit organizations with a worldwide reach and multinational corporations also recruit students from international studies programs.

Additionally, knowing international issues help both industries to perform better worldwide and increase their world footprint.

private sector has lots of career opportunities, it includes the following:

  • international sales staff
  • cultural specialists
  • HR managers
  • executive coordinators
  • global communication staff
  • news reporters and producers
  • international marketing consultant
  • senior supply chain managers
  • admissions manager
  • nonprofit program manager
  • fundraising officer
  • journalist
  • lobbyist
  • language specialist
  • demographer

However, these jobs might not pay much compared to the government sector job. Thus, one thing is sure, there is a high level of freedom and responsibility. However, the great thing about the private sector, there is no pressure to succeed or to represent a whole nation when mistakes are made behind your back.

Best Countries to Study International Studies Major

there are lots of countries offering international studies. Moreover, these are countries to study international studies.

  • the USA
  • Hungary
  • Spain
  • Morocco
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • the UK
  • Netherland

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Moreover, some countries like the UK, and Germany offers scholarship for international studies to students. Most scholarships are fully funded while others are not.

Schools Offering an International Studies Major

These are the following school that offers international study. However, they are not only the schools that only offer this course, but these are the best in ranking.

Princeton University Princeton, NJ #1 in National Universities
Harvard University Cambridge, MA #2 in National Universities
Williams College Williamstown, MA #1 in National Liberal Arts Colleges
Amherst College Amherst, MA #2 in National Liberal Arts Colleges
Butler University Indianapolis, IN #1 in Regional Universities Midwest
Carroll University Helena, MT #1 in Regional Colleges West
College of the Ozarks Point Lookout, MO #1 in Regional Colleges Midwest
High Point University High Point, NC #1 in Regional Colleges South
Providence College Providence, RI #1 in Regional Universities North
Rollins College Winter Park, FL #1 in Regional Universities South


International studies have become way more important in our world today. Especially, now the world has become a global village where all countries have to interact with each other to survive. However, the current situation around the globe has revived the interest of people to study international studies, to help humankind to find solutions to their problems. Finally, I hope this article will help you find what you are looking for.


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