Internships in Munich

Internships in Munich
Internships in Munich

Internships in Munich

Taking internships abroad or particularly Internships in Munich is one of the best initiatives for an individual in terms of both personal development and professional growth.

This is allows you to make the most of what constitutes an important experience such as taking responsibilities, accomplishing tasks and have a more exposure pertaining to your field of study.

One major factor that determines internship taking is your educational background and the area of specialization you wish to have an internship in (more exposure).

Taking Munich as a case study, we’ll be looking at various internships in Munich as well as the benefits attached to it. Some of it includes more exposure, responsibility, innovation, practicality and so on.

About Munich

Munich is the capital city of Bavaria – (one of Germany’s 16 federal states and the epitome of its traditional resourcefulness). Munich being one of the most populous cities of the German state is located particularly in a suitable area for internships in wide varieties of fields.

It is generally an urban area with a stronger economy stronger than that of any other city in Germany. Munich provides numerous opportunities for internship experience that only few other cities can match.  Some of the numerous opportunities for internship opportunities are highlighted below.

Opportunities for Internship Experience in Munich

Munich has so much to offer students and professionals who are seeking for internships. Companies in Munich that offers internships opportunities ranges from small mom-and-pop shops to large multinational corporations.

Individuals who wish to take their internship in Munich should select internship placements based on background, career goals and interests.  Either you are a bookkeeper or a graphic designer, there’s sure to be an internship in Munich suitable for you. Now let’s dive straight to the opportunities for internship experience in Munich.

  •  However, for the politically-minded individuals, Munich is the promise land. The city is the capital of the Free state of Bavaria, meaning it is the seat of the Bavarian State Parliament and the Staatskanzlei (the State Chancellery).

This makes internships in Munich in fields relating to political science, international relations public administration and policy to be even the best. Interns will have the opportunity to learn significantly more about working on environmental, education, and/or public health policies with the aim of maybe priming for future careers as public servants.


  • Munich also offers numerous opportunities in its booming financial sector too, which is second only to Frankfurt, with internships in business administration, economics and finance generating more than just interest. Internships in Munich in marketing, communications, and on the other hand, graphic design will better suit individuals who are more creative.
  • Though fluency in German isn’t a requirement for internships in Munich but very little phrase helps! Most internship programs in Munich also includes intensive German language classes for interns. This may be either before the internship begins or throughout the course of the internship.

Note that dressing in Munich is typically more conservative for work on Munich. So simple dresses are okay.

Internships in Munich

+ Summer TEFL Internship in Germany with Premier TEFL 

This internship program allows you to have nice adventure of a lifetime. You can join the high-energy English teachers at German summer camps for the most amazing experience. Through enjoyable English teaching, you’ll have an opportunity to expand minds of eager campers who are aged 6 – 16.

Games, weekly excursions, mini field trips, acting & music and any other creative techniques you have always dream of. You’ll deliver lessons that will highlight many campfire chats while munching on tasty local snacks. Nice right?

Since almost everything is included, previous intern teachers have enjoyed saving their allow to try local dishes free night and taste some fresh craft beers in the next town.

This internship lasts for 5 – 10 weeks and begins in June. So Join up to 100 camp teachers and leaders who are excited to make everyday fun-filled and enjoying one.

Bring your adventurous attitude (and sleeping bag) and throw yourself into an incredible outdoor and active life. Let’s go!

Program Highlights

  • Field trips and camping in the woods every week
  • Full accommodation, meals and pocket money included.
  • Develop your English teaching skills.
  • Internationally recognized 120 hour TEFL certification.
  • Up to 10 weeks of adventure in Germany!


+ UNFCCC Internship Program

The objective of this internship program is to provide a framework to postgraduate students from different academic backgrounds. Students  are assigned to the UNFCCC secretariat to enhance their educational experience through practical work assignments.

It allows selected candidates to gain more knowledge about the work of the United Nations and provides training in various professional fields.

UNFCCC secretariat’s internship program is coordinated by the Administrative Services Program and a designated focal point is responsible for liaising with the relevant substantive programs for placement of interns.

At the end of an internship period, both the intern and the supervisor (staff member) are required to submit an evaluation report to the designated focal point of the Internship Program.


+ Cultural Vistas Internship Program in Germany

The Cultural Vistas Internship Program in Germany offers students the chance to improve their German language skills and also experience culture abroad while gaining valuable professional work experience.

Internship placements for this program are available in a variety of fields of study which are tailored to students specific ambitions, and career aspirations.

Students can be placed in locations all over Germany. Most internships are 3-12 months in length, with flexible start dates.

Program Highlights

  • Though this Internship programs are paid but is quite affordable. Scholarships offers are also available.
  • The cultural vistas internship program work closely with partner organizations to place participants in customized professional internships that suitable for individual goals and career interests.
  • Opportunity to enroll in language classes to ensure you’re confident in your German skills before you commence your internship.
  • Help in drafting a Lebenslauf (German resume), plus a cultural immersion and orientation seminar upon arrival in Germany.
  • After you’re done with your internship, you’ll still get re-entry information and tips on marketing international experience to U.S. employers.


+ Research Internships at UAS7

Although there are internships available in various fields like architecture, food science and logistics but most internships are in the STEM fields. In most cases German isn’t a major prerequisite but the willingness to learn some basic German is always helpful.

All internships are in research labs and institutes on the campuses of UAS7 members.

Apply to Internship Program for a research internship at a UAS7 campus. It is also open to Study and Internship Program(SIP) applicants. They may request for consideration on these internships when applying, but are free to apply to external employers (in all fields) as well.


+ Internships in Munich by Field of Study

Internships in Munich
Internships in Munich

Type of Internship: Marketing, Customer Relationship management, Sales

Marketing internship program is also open in Munich, Germany. Internships Germany offers a classic marketing program which allows international students to gain work experience in one of the most powerful economies in the world.

What makes Germany a perfect place for this internship is that Germany is traditionally a country that exports a huge amount of services and products yearly. With this, you are can be certain to make the most of your time and develop a career in this field.

Numerous German companies from different sectors are looking for interns with international and great ambitions to join their marketing team.

General tasks of this program

  • Social Media Management
  • Market researches
  • Advertising campaigns in both offline and online channels
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Developing the marketing strategy and plan
  • Social media marketing
  • Helping with the management of the marketing mix


Type of Internship: IT , Information Technology Internship

Germany is known to be one of the top countries that are tech oriented; telecommunications and engineering in particular.

IT programmers or other types of engineers are often required by companies to have a successful career in the engineering field. Many famous companies are recruiting young international students to work as an intern in their teams and begin your career.

You are guaranteed of the best experience to boost your career and enhance professional development in this field.

General tasks of this program

  • Programming in PHP and CSS. HTML 5 is a plus. Java script, jQuery, AngularJS, Java, Grails, AJAX, Python or others
  • Mobile Apps development (iOS, Android)
  • Front end / Back end development
  • Any other engineering tasks.Check Website


Type of Internship: Education internships

You can apply for this Internship Program via internship Germany as they organizes teaching internships across Germany, in primary schools and academies.

Students enrolled in this program are set to experience and learn the basics of teaching. Asides supporting teachers and schools with teaching activities, it is a good opportunity for those who are looking for a learning experience abroad.

General tasks of this program

  • Assist in classes and main teacher for optimal results
  • Enriching Students knowledge in the English culture and values
  • Help students in pronunciation and grammar aspects
  • Facilitating activities such as group tasks.

You can apply for the above listed Internships via Internship Germany.

Apply Here Now

Internships Germany helps you to find an appropriate internship/training position. All you have to do is to name a business field and geographical region, and the rest will be taken care of. Application takes between few days to several weeks depending on the time of the year and cases.

See more internships programs via Internship Germany – click here

Note that these internships are available in Munich

More Internship Opportunities in Munich based on Field

Internship in the following fields can be done in Munich. Publishing, finance, as well as a software, biotechnology and service industries center.

Even more popular fields for interning are: Finance, Communication, Biotechnology, Engineering/Software Design & IT, Business Administration/Management, Automotive Industry, Photography,  Film Production, and Tourism.

There are also Internship opportunities in various industrial plants featuring prominently in and around Munich comprising of manufacturers of various machines such as aircraft engines and injection molding machines, as well as manufacturers of semiconductors, cameras, lighting equipment, etc.

Do you know Munich is the home of the ‘Bavaria Film Studios’. Internship in this this field of film production is available in Munich and you can be sure to make to make the most of your time there.

Automotive Industry: BMW is an auto company that has offices in Munich. Germany is known for its quality cars which means interns have a lot to enjoy in the automotive industry.

These internships are open to people from different backgrounds, and can distinguish your engineering, marketing, human resources, public relations and project development experience.

Tourism: Munich is a popular tourist destination. It offers varieties of opportunities to break into the tourism industry.

Having a tourism internship in Munich gives you a great chance to know the city better and help you make the most of your time in Germany. You’ll also have the opportunity to move towards projects that is if your interest in related field.

Publishing: Munich publishing center is the second largest in the world. About 250 publishing companies, (or ‘verlag’ in Germain) exist within the city limits. Publishing interns task include some clerical tasks for the publisher; such as filing and sorting submissions, and also doing some editorial work.

A publishing internship in Munich will keep you current with what’s happening in the literary scene both inside Germany and worldwide.


AIESEC can also be a good source of information on internships (it’s one of the largest international student organizations) –


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