Is Energy a Good Career Path

Is Energy a Good Career Path
Is Energy a Good Career Path

Choosing a career is a choice that will affect your life forever. Hence, it is important that you make the right choice. And you might be wondering Is Energy a Good Career Path?  Well in a world where technology is advancing rapidly, we need energy to run the tech. So, in this article, you’ll see why energy is a good career and its importance to man.

However, first, you should know what energy is as a career path.

What is Energy as a Career Path?

Energy is a major career path that deals with the use of renewable energy. The purpose is to find a way to use clean and sustainable energy. However, most of the jobs involve locating, creating and supplying fuel and power.

This field gives you the ability to affect every area of life. You might be asking how. Well because energy affects every area of life. So, if you choose energy as a career path you will be able to affect every area of life.

 Is Energy a Good Career path?

In short, yes it is. Energy is without a doubt a good career path. One good thing about it is that it is always evolving. Meaning you come in contact with new discoveries which will affect humans. In addition, energy engineers are always in search of better sources of energy for tech advancement. So, they have to be efficient in solving problems.

In this field, you need at least a postgraduate degree to endeavour in it. However, some universities make room for those that don’t have the qualification. how? they provide courses related to energy that will help you advance in that field.

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Are energy engineers in demand?

Energy engineers are very much in demand. As technology is advancing more hands are needed which means more job opportunities. In addition, they can work anywhere that energy is being created.

Why Energy is a Good Career Path?

Here are some reasons why energy is a good career path. You would do yourself well if you are considering a career in the energy sector. Some of the benefits of pursuing an energy career include:

  • Career options to choose from
  • Opportunity to work abroad
  • Energy professionals are in high demand
  • It’s a lucrative career choice

What Are the Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Drilling Supervisor

As the name states the job is to supervise all drilling operations. And they ensure that the work is finished on time. Unlike other high salary jobs, this job doesn’t require much qualification. In fact, your experience is preferable to qualifications. However, a degree in mech engineering or drilling tech is advisable. Not to mention, drilling supervisors receive about $148k on average in the US.

Civil Engineer

Every energy structure needs a civil engineer. So, you can work as a civil engineer in energy career path. However, unlike drilling supervisors, they require not only experience but qualification. That is BSc in civil engineering.

Civil engineers receive about $86k in the US.

Solar power plant operator

All solar energy requires maintenance. Thus, highlighting the need for operators. Every solar project usually has an operator. However, the size may increase depending on the size of the project.

They receive an average of $83k in the US.

Scientific Researcher

Most universities and private companies employ scientific researchers. Some of these researchers are chemical engineers and physicists. Because the demand for more efficient tech is on the rise. So, every day these researchers work hard to get new info to improve the tech. For example the building of electric batteries. The main requirement is Masters Degree. However, PhD is also acceptable. In addition, they earn about $77k in the US.

Wind Farm Site Manager

This work is a lot harder than it sounds. Because the size of the farm determines a lot of factors. For example, if the farm site is big the resources and labour force will be big.

However, this job doesn’t require too much. All you need is a high school diploma and experience.


Their work is to study the environment and point out resource deposits. Although it seems easy but it is among the most technical.  In terms of requirements, BSc will do. However, an advanced degree will give you an edge. In addition, the recommended program for this Job is Enviroment Science and Climate change.

They receive an average salary of $93k

Chemical engineer

Chemical engineers blend expertise from a variety of fields. They work in the energy sector to test and develop new energy sources. In fact, production issues require all scientific knowledge. By that, I mean chemistry, physics, biology and Math. However, a BSc is necessary. In addition, higher-paying positions require an advanced degree.

Material scientist

In short, they analyze the chemical properties of different natural resources. In addition, they create and improve materials. Of course we can’t forget the requirements. Unlike some of the other jobs, this one only needs bachelor’s degree. more so This job pays an average salary of $97k.

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Degrees to Work in Renewable Energy

In most cases, all you need is a BSc. However, in more competitive fields you may need more than just BSc. For example, degrees like masters degree will do the trick.

B.S Sustainable Business Management(SBM)

The SBM BSc helps students become sustainable business managers. In addition, this program gives you access to more. That is it helps you to push more in renewable energy

  • Program manager
  • Energy engineer
  • Compliance specialist.

BSc in Environmental Science and Climate change

It helps you understand your environment and how it works. In addition, you also get to know the problems in the environment.

More so this degree prepares you to face the challenges in the environment.

  • Business Analyst
  • Sustainability manager
  • Executive Director

Masters in Professional Science in Environmental Studies and sustainability

This degree is centred around environmental problem-solving. So you gain an understanding of climate issues. And also gain the skills to bring solutions to the problem.


In short we can say that energy is a career path worth trying. In fact, would advise you to go for this career if you are passionate about it. And the job pays too so you can get paid for doing what you enjoy. However, there are some basic requirements for this career path. Some of which include a bachelor’s degree and years of experience. Lastly, energy career path is a great choice for career path without a doubt. So, go for it and good luck.


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