Lions Club Scholarships

Lions Club Scholarships
Lions Club Scholarships

Giving back to the community is a much celebrated and well-appreciated virtue. Lion’s club is a volunteer organization and a popular one. It is one of the many organizations out there that are focused on giving back to society. Lion club is a sponsor of the Lions Club Scholarships which is designed to cater to college youths.

Lion club is well known, it has about 1.5 million members and is distributed in about 200 countries of the world. Lion club is well known for its service to humanity, and the lion’s club scholarship is just one of such strides to give back to society.

Why should you apply for the Lions Club Scholarships?

Lion’s club scholarships are designed for students seeking higher education. the scholarships are structured to take care of the tuition fee of higher education students throughout their program.

The cost of education at this level has been implicated in several talented students abandoning their dreams simply because they were unable to pay for their tuition fees.

The lion club scholarship is therefore much-appreciated assistance as it will help see big dreams become reality.

While this is done at the local level, it has a profound effect at the societal, national, and international level as it helps improve the number of well-educated youths, professionals, and the world’s workforce.

Types of Lions Club Scholarships

There are many types of lion club scholarships. These scholarships are offered at the local level. Lion club has local branches as well as students’ arms.

The scholarship is offered to graduating high school seniors who are members of the lion club.

Graduating seniors from a particular high school or a particular area may also be offered the lion club scholarship. The scholarship can be awarded to a single student or multiple students per annum.

Amount awarded varies but it’s usually about $5000 in the first year of education. some other chapters may award full tuition fees depending on their capacity.

Similar to most scholarships, the lion club scholarship also has a GPA condition for qualifying applicants. Additionally, applicants must be those intending to continue their education after high school at an accredited university, trade school, or college.

If the cash price is to be spread over several years, then the candidate is required to maintain the GPA above the set minimum.

Steps involved in applying for the Lions Club Scholarships

To ensure that you get the Lions Club Scholarships, you must follow all the due processes involved in the application. And the first step is to obtain the application form.

Lion club scholarship application form can be obtained from any of the active lion clubs’ local branches. These clubs can provide the high school with the forms.

After obtaining the application form for the lion club scholarship, carefully fill the full ensuring that it is filled appropriately and accurately.

Appropriate filling of the form is highly emphasized as a crucial condition for consideration. Improper filling of the form especially if it’s not filled will deny such candidate a chance at being selected for the scholarship.

The form also contains a portion for a transcript of high school grades and an essay portion as well. Therefore, ensure these documents have been obtained and close by at the time of filling the form.

The scholarship has limited space for the applicants that apply annually. It can therefore be highly competitive.

There is a lot of warning on the proper filling of the application form and the consequent implication of improper filling. Therefore, do not deny yourself the opportunity of been selected by been careless in filling the form.

Lastly, ensure to complete and submit the application within the stated deadline as applications submitted after the deadline will simply not be considered. Given that lion club scholarships run across different countries of the world which belong to different time zone, each country will therefore have a different deadline in terms of time or date.

It is crucial therefore to indicate the country from which the application is sent to ensure it is not erroneously tagged late submission and consequently rendered invalid.

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Lion club scholarship could be your ticket to a tuition-free higher education. ensure to meet up the criteria such as the required GPA to qualify for application.

While applying do not let carelessness in filling the form steal the opportunity of securing the scholarship away from you.


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