Low Stress Jobs that Pay Well without Degree

Low Stress Jobs that Pay Well without Degree
Low Stress Jobs that Pay Well without Degree

Not everybody have the opportunity of obtaining a degree certificate maybe due to funds or as a result of some circumstances. But come to think of it; an individual without a degree how does he survive in the labour market? There are so many Low Stress Jobs that Pay Well without Degree today.

In as much as we think that getting a job without a degree can be difficult and may sound weird, but meeting some basic standards like knowing how to read and write, being ready to learn so as to have the knowledge regarding the job is enough to secure a paying low stress job.

This Article has brought to you numerous paying Low Stress Jobs that Pay Well without Degree.

Low Stress Jobs that Pay without a Degree.

Here is a list of several Low Stress Jobs that not only Pays without a degree, but also gives flexible working hours that allows pursuing other activities.

1. Electrician

Being an electrician may not require having a degree. Spending a few years as an apprentice in this field is all that is required.

As an electrician, you will have the ability to install, repair and maintain electrical wirings and equipment. You can get to know all this in just 6 months to a year training in a technical school.

You’ll be able to handle electrical works in buildings, transmission lines, stationary machines, and related equipment. You can be employed to do installation of new electrical equipment or maintaining and repairing of existing infrastructure.

This is one of the low stress Job that pays well without any degree.

(Annual Salary: $57,000).

Electrician Jobs Here.

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2. Massage Therapist (Annual Salary: $80,000)

This is one of the Low Stress Jobs that Pay Well without Degree, A massage therapist is responsible for treating clients through soft tissue manipulation while maintaining a safe and relaxing experience.

The therapist should be good at satisfying client wishes and needs through spoken language, body language and other cues and modifying their treatments accordingly.

Reducing pain/ stress and increasing relaxation, improving blood circulation and lowering blood pressure are some of the needs which the therapist must satisfy.

To achieve this, you can undergo a 6 months’ program/ training to learn the techniques and do’s and don’ts of being a massage Therapist. Getting a license for this job is also important as most clients will often opt for a licensed therapist.

Being a massage therapist allows you to work at your own wish which gives room for doing other activities.


3. Freelance Photographer (Annual Salary: $50,300 – $85,000)

While people take courses for professional reason, freelance Photographers include taking beautiful photographs of people, landscape, or objects.

A photographer must know the basics of photography (how to use picture editing software, how to use lightening equipment, etc) for quality purpose. You can be employed as a photojournalist, industrial photographer, scientific photographer and many other aspects.

Freelance Photographers earn as much as $50,300 – $85,000 per annum which makes the job to be regarded as one of the paying low stress Jobs without a degree.

Being a freelance photographer also means you can work for yourself by taking on clients for photoshoots, creating and selling your fine art photography, etc.

As a matter of fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics made it known that the top earning photographers earn more than $86,850 per year ($41.75 per hour).

Check Freelance Jobs here

4. Fine Artist (Annual Salary: $63,000 – $112,970)

Fine Art includes Creating original artistic work in a variety of mediums, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, video, film or performance.

As a Fine artist you can be hired or commissioned to produce pieces of artwork or create their own pieces to be sold at a later date.

A degree is not required for this job but bit Creativity, talent and self-belief coupled with the ability to cope with criticism, withstand rejection from galleries and exhibitions. Dedication and determination as well as keen eye for design is also important despite the job not requiring a degree.

5. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installers (Annual Salary: $48,020 – $64,600)

As a Solar photovoltaic (PV) installer, your job is to assemble, set up, and maintain rooftop or other systems that convert sunlight into energy.

Measuring, cutting, assembling, and attaching solar panels and structural frameworks are examples of this.

Working as a solar photovoltaic installer can be regarded as a low stress job because doesn’t take out other fun aside work and gives one the room to pay attention to other things and have fun while working and earning. So with just few months of training, you are good to go on this.

6. Make-up Artist (Annual Salary: $100,000)

Being a makeup artist is another high paying job that doesn’t require a degree. A make-up artist uses cosmetic techniques and processes to create beauty upon the human body. It enhances a person’s appearance, bringing out beautiful features and hiding or smoothing out flaws, using cosmetic products.

Make-up artists nowadays are winning it but using the internet as a major tool. The job is fun; enjoyable and still doesn’t require a degree.

An Annual salary of over $100,000 by just being a make-up artist and not using a degree shows why this job is on this list of jobs that pays without a degree.

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7. Plumber

This is also another Low Stress Jobs that Pay Well without Degree, Being a plumber is another paying low stress job that doesn’t require a degree. A one or two year of apprenticeship in a technical institution is enough to be a competent plumber.

Some of the responsibilities of a plumber includes Installing and connecting pipes, repairing toilets and directing water to areas of a building where it is needed.

Although there are numerous low-stress jobs that pay well, we chose to highlight a few that may be of interest to you. Other low stress jobs that pays without a degree includes

  • Customer Service Representative: Job is to assist customers via email or chatting to help them solve problems or provide answers to questions about the company’s product or service.
  • Freelancer: As a freelancer, you are self-employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term meaning you can work form the comfort of your home or any remote location.

If you are thinking getting a paying low stress job without having a degree is impossible; I think you have gained one or two idea form this article, do well to hit the share button below.

Best Paying Jobs in Finance

Finance jobs is one of the best highly paid jobs in the world today, Finance jobs can be extremely lucrative for people with strong mathematical and analytical skills.

Finance is a broad industry that includes everything from banking and investments to financial technology, or Fintech as it is colloquially known.

Below are some the highly paid Jobs in Finance.

#1. Compliance analyst (average salary: $64,443)

A financial professional who audits a company for compliance with various governing agencies’ standards, because long-term economic stability and financial growth rely on established standards, the finance industry is highly regulated.

The major work of a Compliance analysts is to examine data, processes, and financial infrastructure to ensure compliance with regulations.

#2. Information technology auditor (average salary: $63,412 per year)

Information Technology is one the highest paying skills in different sectors of life, Not only in the finance industry, Information is also paramount in every other part of life.

IT auditors typically work for government agencies or private companies to ensure that the technology infrastructure meets compliance requirements as well as other enterprise IT requirements. Also they spend their days performing audits and should be skilled at it, which may necessitate certification.

 #3. Investment banker (annual salary: $61,929)

The major duties of the Investment bankers is to manage the portfolios of companies and government agencies that invest in a variety of industries.

These professionals assist clients in raising and investing capital in order to help the business achieve its financial growth objectives.

#4. Financial analyst (average salary: $69,419)

Financial analysts sift through financial data to assist business stakeholders in making sound financial decisions. Financial analyst work for financial institutions such as banks, funds, insurance companies, and others to support customers’ purchasing decisions and needs across the country.

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#5.Hedge fund manager (average salary: $98,256)

Hedge fund managers have similar responsibilities to investment bankers, but they work with higher risk and reward portfolios for investors who pool their money to invest in hedge funds.

Hedge fund managers must monitor markets in order to protect investors, so they are up early and leave the office late, the Hedge fund investing is not typically a full-time job.

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Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree

The mindset of every undergraduate or every individuals is to get a good job with High payment. Students strive much to graduate in school with good grades so as to become employable in future with high income salary.

From high school on, there is often pressure to pursue higher education, to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree that will lead directly to that high-paying job.

This concept is deeply embedded in American culture, and many markets do require associate or bachelor degrees for entry-level positions.

However, this does not work for everyone and can prevent people from pursuing perfectly accessible, essential work.

A Transportation & Distribution Manager with a median income of $94,730 should be the highest paying job without a degree.

Transportation and distribution managers plan, direct, and coordinate a wide range of activities related to the transportation, distribution, and storage of a wide range of materials and products.

This career has a high median salary and job growth that is comparable to the national average. Moreover, Working in this management position necessitates at least a high school diploma.

However, Working in the industry for up to five years is required for advancement, but no on-the-job training is required.

Online Jobs No Experience

Below are the list of the Online Jobs No Experience the following are some online jobs that pay well and require no prior experience.

1. Data Entry Clerk (Average salary: $34,423)

This work is similar to secretary jobs and its pay is very high when compared to other works, Data entry clerks enter data from a spreadsheet, printed document, order form, or other source into another, usually digital, source, such as a database, computer program, or spreadsheet.

Moreover, They may also take charge of verifying information and looking for errors, A financial account processing company, for example, may require data entry clerks to manually input or verify invoices or other bills for outside clients.

2. Proofreader or Copy Editor (Average salary: $46,113)

This particular Job will require your attention online 24/7 for you to be able to meet with your clients on time.

Proofreaders and copy editors are two positions with slightly different goals: To ensure that written text is error-free.

Proofreaders are frequently the last set of eyes on a document before it is printed, published, or posted online, and they look for grammatical or style errors, incorrect formatting, or typos.

Copy editors do similar work, but they may also make changes to sentences or paragraphs in a written piece to ensure accuracy and clarity.


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