Mike Rowe Scholarship 2022/2023

Mike Rowe Scholarship 2022/2023
Mike Rowe Scholarship 2022/2023

The Mike Rowe Scholarship 2022/2023 Foundation is a public charity group based in the united states that rewards people who have passion for education in vocational training, or other approved technical program that is in demand.

The Mike Rowe Scholarship is managed by the Mike Rowe Scholarship Management Services, a division of Scholarship America. The Mike Rowe Scholarship Foundation’s Work Ethic has announced another fund free scholarship program for 2022/2023.

High school graduates, College graduates, or GED equivalent are eligible to apply for the Mike Rowe Scholarship program. This application is aimed at rewarding people who have passion of finding a training skill that is in demand.

At Mike Rowe Scholarship Foundation, they believe that Skill & Work Ethic isn’t a taboo. The program provides financial assistance to qualified candidates who have the passion of learning a skill that is in demand. (S.W.E.A.T.).

Across the country, the foundation has granted more than $3million individuals in education for trade and vocational school.

Any candidate chosen will receive a one-time award from the Mike Rowe Scholarship skills USA.

What are you waiting for!

Is Mike Rowe Offering a Scholarship to People Who Want to learn a Trade?

Yes, Mike Rowe offers scholarship to people who want to learn a trade. Year 2022 is set to take in already enrolled High School Students or intending students in a licensed two-year college, vocational, technical school or other approved technical colleges in the United States.

Host Nationality

The Mike Rowe Scholarship is to hold in the United States.

Do you wish to study in the united states, check out scholarship programs via the link below: …

Eligible Nationality

The scholarship is opened to all U.S citizens.

Do you wish to study outside your home or country, read more below: …

How Much Is the Mike Rowe Scholarship 2022/2023?

Since there is no maximum amount of award an individual can take, amount of each award is to be confirmed by the faculty of the various award recipient’s program cost.

The scholarship program has about $400,00 of financial benefit especially to a selected recipient.

The number and amounts of each awards in total will be decided by the Mike Rowe Works Foundation.

How Many Winners of Mike Rowe Scholarship Each Year?

Mike Rowe Scholarship will offer the scholarship only to 150 applicants.

Requirements for the Mike Rowe Scholarship

Here are the requirements for the Mike Rowe Scholarship. Candidates applying for Mike Rowe Scholarship must be:

  • College Graduate or High school seniors, or GED equivalent who have enrolled or intending to enroll in a licensed two-year college, technical school, vocational school, or other approved technical institute in the United States.
  • Enrolled or planning to enroll candidates in an approved vocational or comparable trade-related program. see the list of approved applications (https://www.scholarsapply.org/uploads/mrethic/trades.pdf)
  • Planning to finish a trade-related program after December 1, 2018.

Note that past winners of the mike Rowe Scholarship foundation are not eligible to apply.

Applicants must also possess the following documents as part of the Mike Rowe Scholarship requirements:

Other Documents

  • Transcript of grades: This must include the applicants high school, vo-tech, or college grades. from each school attended.
  • A copy of page one from the most recently filed IRS Form 1040.
  • 2 (2) finished Reference Questionnaires.
  • Completed S.W.E.A.T. Pledge Short-Answer Questions.
  • Complete school cost form.

How Can I Apply for Mike Rowe Scholarship?

The 2022 edition of the Mike Rowe Scholarship is almost here. You can follow the steps below to apply.

How to apply for the Mike Rowe Scholarship program

Follow the due process below to apply for this amazing scholarship.

Scholarship Application Procedures

To apply for Mike Rowe Scholarship, the candidates should register themselves via the link:

  • Enroll in an approved program.

Enroll in any of the approved programs available. See the list of approved programs by visiting the link below:

Enroll Now
  • Sign The S.W.E.A.T. Pledge.

To know more about the S.W.E.A.T Pledge, click on the link below to read. You can as well sign the Mike Rowe S.W.E.A.T. Pledge via the same link.

  • Answer 3 questions.

Applicants will also be answering three questions from the questions given to them during application.

  • Write an essay.

An essay topic will also be provided for applicants. Applicants are to write on the provided essay topic and submit. It is part of the application.

  • Send at least 2 references from bosses/teachers.

At least two individuals from your bosses/ teachers are to stand in as your referees.

  • Make a short video.

Applicants are also to make 45-60 seconds video that has the title “2022 Work Ethic Applicant- (including your names) [Applicant First Name] [Last Name]. Applicants are to note that no music, trademarks or service marks should appear in the video.

The applicant then upload the video to YouTube. Applicants are to ensure that they comply with YouTube standards and instructions of uploading a video. Applicants are to make the video public and not forgetting to include the video URL where it is required during application.

Note that by uploading the video on YouTube as well as the link during application means the person or persons who appear in the video agrees to their participation in the video. The person or persons in the video agrees that the video may be used for promotion by the Mike Rowe Works foundation or its scholarship sponsors for promotion purpose.

  • Verify school costs.

It should state accordingly the tuition fees of an applicant as it is.

  • Provide high school/college transcript.

During application, applicants are to include their high school or college transcript that shows their academic performance.

  • Submit financial info.

Proof of financial standings will also be required.  This means Applicants are to show proof of their financial standpoint as they apply.

You can also get more information regarding the Work Ethic Scholarship by visiting the link below www.mikeroweworks.org/scholarship

Application Deadline

Year 2022 is around the corner which means the another edition is almost year. If you have passion for any vocational skill that is high in demand, the scholarship program is all for you. Visit https://www.mikeroweworks.org/ to get more updates about the program.

You can also nominate your hardworking employee to enroll for the Mike Rowe scholarship program so as to have your business recognized by Mike Rowe. Nominate today by http://workethicwarriors.com

To find out more and to nominate someone, visit https://marketplaceevents.com/workethicwarriors/

How to contact Mike Rowe Scholarship Program?

You can contact Mike Rowe Scholarship foundation via the following address:

1207 4th Street, PH 1

Santa Monica, CA 90401 USA

Director of Operations Business Affairs



Follow Mike on Facebook and see more details about the Foundation Here:


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