Murdoch University free Scholarships in Australia

Murdoch University free Scholarships in Australia
Murdoch University free Scholarships in Australia

Murdoch University Scholarships Australia is offering a free scholarships in Australia, if you have dreams in studying in Australia here is an opportunity on ground for you to pursue Masters or Doctoral degree.

This opportunity is for both indigene and for international students all over the world, so if you are interested in studying your dream courses outside your country home this opportunity is for you now.

Candidates all over the world are welcome to apply for the Research Training Program Stipend Scholarship.

Murdoch University is a high ranked university with good research disciplines around the world among top 100 universities all over the world.

About the Murdoch University Scholarships Australia.

Murdoch University is an Australian public university that was established in 1973 and is now one of the most influential in the world. Murdoch University intensively focused on research and innovative thought, so education here is both demanding and imaginative.

Murdoch university accepts foreign students as part of its contribution to promote multiculturalism.

Murdoch university is based in Perth, but it also has campuses in Singapore and Dubai.

Murdoch University is also known with its creative educational style and many undergraduate and postgraduate programs, this is a dream destination for many international students.

Living in Perth might be very affordable but it’s not lacking entertainment.

Murdoch University also exposes students to the social aspect of life and the social life at Murdoch University is as developed as education. In this article, we will be explaining so many things pertaining to this scholarships.

International Students

Murdoch University has over 23,000 students, with over 40% of them being international students from more than 100 countries. Murdock university pays much consideration on international students and as such has many opportunities including grants, clubs and social activities, and orientation week.

Following the formal induction, an Orientation Social Connection Day is been organized.

Murdoch University is a place where students can meet their peers, take a tour of the campus, enjoy a complimentary meal, and much more.

This is just one of the greatest relationship the university establishes with students that only grows stronger over the years.

Tuition Fee for International Students

Tuition fees for foreign students at Murdoch University are determined based on the area of study selected and the number of points needed.

Undergraduate students are estimated to pay around $23,000 a year in fees, while postgraduate students are expected to pay around $25,000 a year. This is not certain, it is all approximation since the actual tuition is determined by a number of factors.

Murdoch University has several grants, so foreign students should have no financial concerns. Perth is one the locations that has been considered to be the cheapest in Australia and very good for life while remaining interesting and safe for national and international students alike.

International Admissions Guide

Murdoch University’s admissions guide can be found here. Apart from the downloadable brochure, there is a full admissions explanation, including how to apply, what to do before leaving your home country, and what to expect once you arrive in Australia.

Depending on the country of origin of the student, there are different ways of application.

Both fresh students and graduate students are able to choose one of the many programs available, and contact the university directly through the online application or an agent.

Admissions Requirements at the Murdoch University for International Students

To be eligible to apply to Murdoch University, foreign students must meet certain criteria and send an application along with the required documentation.

Besides if you are an international student from other countries aside from Australia and obtain a student visa, there are a few more requirements to keep in mind.

  • To begin, English is a required language, and all students must meet English language requirements to demonstrate proficiency.
    • If English is not your official or local language and your previous schooling was not entirely in English, you must demonstrate your skills in one of the following ways: English proficiency tests, university readiness courses, English language courses, and other similar activities are available.

The qualifications for undergraduate courses may differ depending on the student’s country of origin. To be eligible to enroll in postgraduate courses, students must fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • A certification equal to an AQF Associate Degree,
  • Bachelor’s degree of AQF Level 7 in a similar field,
  • Bachelor’s degree of AQF Level 7 with specific professional registration, or a
  • Submission of a portfolio and/or extensive work experience

University Rankings

Murdoch University is not only one of the finest in the region, but it is also highly regarded globally. Murdoch University is ranked in the top 100 universities in the world for schools under the age of 50.

Murdoch University is Australia’s number one university in terms of job outcomes. This University is also 627th in the world and 25th in the region.

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Murdoch University Scholarships Australia 2021

Host Country:

  • Australia

Host University:

  • Murdoch University

Funded by:

  • Federal Government

Degree Level:

  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctoral Degree

Duration of Scholarship Program:

  • 2 years of Master’s Degree program
  • 3 years of Doctoral Degree program

Scholarship Benefits Murdoch University Scholarships Australia:

  • All successful candidates will get a living allowance up to $30,000 per annum
  • Students will get the supervision of International and top mentors.
  • Students will get the chance to contribute to international research projects.

Eligibility Criteria for the Murdoch University Scholarships Australia?

  • All international and domestic students are encouraged to apply.
  • All candidates must hold a First Class Honours degree, H2A (or equivalent)
  • Candidates applying for a Ph.D. program should have researched the component in their master’s degree.

How to Apply for Murdoch University Federal Government Scholarship?

  • There are two separate forms for International and domestic students on the official website.
  • Both students are supposed to fill out the referee report.
  • After completing the above tasks, students are supposed to submit a complete application via email to the Graduate Research Office.

Application Deadline for Murdoch University Scholarships Australia:

The last date to apply for the international graduate research scholarships varies for International and domestic students.

  • International: 30 September 2020
  • Domestic: 31 October 2020

Apply Murdoch University Scholarship and have the chance to study in Australia

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