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Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition
Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition

A great opportunity for vibrant students has been disclosed by the Queens Commonwealth in London. this opportunity is for those who are willing to travel to London, you can now apply for the Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition.

This essay competition was initiated by the Commonwealth for Essay Competition which would include thousands of young students from different places to participate.

Queens Commonwealth essay competition has been for decades around 1883.

Essay competition is normally based on a theme which about 52 countries follows, it is divided into two categories, which includes:

1. the senior category and junior category which starts from the age of 14-18 comes in the Senior category while age 14 below are for the junior option.

Note that each category has a different or individual topic for the essay writing.

The queens commonwealth essay competition is a means to uplifting its candidates in the writing sector.

There is a lot of opportunity for students to visit London for a week of cultural event and education.

About The Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition is one of the world’s oldest international writing competition for both junior and senior schools.

This competition is established in the year1883. With over thousands of young people participating each year.

This essay competition has helped to develop a lot of student academically by making them to have good skills and knowledge in creative writing.

It is a means to recognize achievement, elevate youth voices and develop key skills through creative essay writing.

For the 2021 the Competition theme is community in the common wealth, With the global spread of the pandemic COVID-19 , we’ve seen the lives of many Commonwealth citizens affected both the economy of many countries.

However, through adversity, societies came together and stories of growth, community, and hope continue to emerge.

Application for this competition will start from 1 May 2021 until 30 June 2021.

The Host Country:

  • United Kingdom

This Program is Organized By:

  • Royal Commonwealth Society

The Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition Awards:

  • One Week fully-funded trip to London for education and cultural events.
  • Glod, Silver, and Bronze Medals
  • Certificate of Participation.


  • One winner and runner-up will be chosen from each category.
  • Winners and runner-up will be brought to London for a week of educational and cultural events, culminating in a special award ceremony.
  • A good number of Gold, Silver and Bronze award will be given in both the senior and junior categories, rewarding excellence in writing.
  • All successful entries will receive certificate of participation.

Eligibility Criteria of the Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition:

  • In this essay writing competition, entrants are divided into two categories.
    • Senior Category: Born between 1st July 2002 and 30 June 2007 (14-18 years)
    • Junior Category: Born after 1st July 2007 (Under 14 years of age)
  • The residents or nationals of all Commonwealth counties can apply.
  • Residents of Hong Kong and Zimbabwe can apply.
  • In the case of participants from non-commonwealth countries, their entries must be submitted through their Local Royal Commonwealth Society Branch.

Requirements of the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021:

  • The entries must be submitted in the English language, any other languages may not be accepted in this essays competition.
  • The maximum word count for Senior Category is 1500 words and for Junior Category the maximum word limit is 750 words. Exceeding the words will result in disqualification.
  • The word limit applies to every format of writing e.g. essay, poem, letter, etc.
  • Reference and footnotes are excluded from the word count.
  • The uploaded essay of entrants should not include the personal details of the participants. other Personal information will be given exclusively during the application process.
  • The topics must be selected accordingly to the topics given in the Senior and Junior categories.
  • No plagiarism will be entertained and plagiarised entries will automatically be rejected.

Topics of the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition 2021:

Following are the topics of the essay writing competition 2021.

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For Senior Category:

  1. Discuss the following ” the greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King.
  2. Keeping connected through COVID-19.
  3. It’s been 30 years since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, what does the world look like?
  4. Imagine you are the head of a Commonwealth nation heavily affected by COVID-19 and giving a national address at the end of the pandemic what would you say to your community?

For Junior Category

  1. The year is 2050 and you’ve been asked to write about the coronavirus pandemic for a museum, what story would you tell?
  2. Tell a story of how you, or someone you know, helped others during the pandemic.
  3. “We will be with your friends again. we will be with our families again.

Submission Process:

Once the entry is submitted, the entrants have to submit the following details on competitions@royalsociety.org.

  • Full name and complete identification number
  • School name.
  • If the submission is not a group submission, then give the details of submitting an adult. ensure you the Complete information or details of a curricular stage of the entrant.

Closing date of the essay competition 2021:

  • For online entries: before 23:59 BST on 30th June 2021.
  • For offline entries: entries must arrive at the Royal Commonwealth Society office in London by 30th June 2021.

Apply here Now


London is one of the best place to visit in this planet earth, so if your interest is to be in London this year, take time to study and apply for this awesome opportunity and apply to actualize your dream.

Also take your time to study the requirements and documents needed for this essay competition and get prepared for next level. we wish you good luck.

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