Scholarships for Military Children

Scholarships for Military Children
Scholarships for Military Children
Scholarships for Military Children

Scholarships for Military Children

Are you the child or grandchild to a military veteran or service member? You may be asking yourself that are there scholarship programs for military children or am I qualify for scholarships. Let me tell you that yes there are numerous Scholarships for Military Children and that yes you are qualify for scholarships.

These scholarships can save thousands of dollars off your college expenses. With the aid of military tuition assistance and discounts, other sources of financial aid, military children can get education at an easy cost with easy accessibility.

Obtaining a degree does not have to be expensive especially when there are active service duty members in your family. This is why in this article, we have list various scholarship for military children. You might get surprised at some of the available resources open to you. Keep reading to know more about Scholarship program for military children.

Later in this article, we’ll also look into Scholarships for Military dependent – Spouses children and grandchildren. But first, let’s look at what military dependent is all about.

What is Military Dependent all about?

Scholarships for Military Children

The term “military dependent” generally includes the spouses and children of military servicemembers, excluding adult children age 21 or older. The parents, adult children, foster children, siblings, nieces, cousins, or nephews of active-duty servicemembers also potentially qualify as military dependents, depending on the circumstances. 

If you are a dependent of a veteran or service member, such as a service member’s spouse or child, you are eligible for various scholarships provided you also meet other scholarship requirements. There are lots of military scholarship opportunities for children and spouses of active-duty servicemember that could help save money on tuition and related expenses. 

8 College Scholarships for Military Children

The scholarships listed below are here’s towards military children and spouses. They are also scholarship listed for military grandchildren offered by notable organizations. To start with, let’s look at the scholarships for military children below.

 Military Dependent Scholarships for Children of Veterans 

1. The American Patriot Freedom Scholarship

The American Patriot Freedom scholarship is awarded to Military children. The scholarship awards up to $1,000 per child for expenses such as tuition fees, room, board and other fees.


 Graduating sponsored military dependent children planning to pursue an undergraduate
degree or professional certification at a fully accredited college, university, technical, or
vocation educational institution for the academic school year 2022-2023.

 Sponsored children of active duty service members. The Active Duty is defined as any service
member who is currently serving in the United States Armed Forces full-time.

 Sponsored children of disabled service members. The Disabled is defined as any service member
whose disability is the direct result from injuries sustained during a military operation while
serving in the United States Armed Forces.

 Sponsored children of fallen service members. The Fallen is defined as any service member who
was killed in action (KIA) during a military operation while serving in the United States Armed

 Sponsored children of retired service members. Retired is defined as any service member
who retired from the United States Armed Forces with an honorable discharge.

2. ASF Scholarships

(Army Scholarship Foundation) ASF Scholarship is awarded to child of active-duty Army member. The scholarship ranges from $500 to $2,000 in value to each recipient.


Applicants must:

  • Be sons or daughters of regular active duty, active duty Reserve, or active duty National Guard U.S. Army members in good standing.
  • Be spouses of serving enlisted regular active duty, active duty Reserve, or active duty National Guard U.S. Army members in good standing.
  • Be sons or daughters of former U.S. Army members who received an honorable discharge or medical discharge, or who were killed while serving in the U.S. Army.
  • Be high school seniors, high school graduates, or registered as undergraduate students at an accredited college or post high school vocational/technical institution.
  • Have a 2.0 grade point average on a 4 point system.
  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Not have reached their 24th birthday by the application deadline date in the year they apply if they are a child of an Army member.
  • Not have previously earned a bachelor’s degree from a college or university.


Applicants for this scholarship must submit the following requirements:

1. The appropriate application form (see below),

2. A certificate of good service or the parent’s/spouse’s DD 214,

3. A signed copy of the appropriate income tax return for the previous year (see application and FAQ for more details),

4. All pages of the complete Student Aid Report (SAR),

5. A high school transcript and transcripts from all post high school educational institutions if applicable,

6. An essay (see instructions),

7. A photograph,

8. Print and mail the application to the Army Scholarship Foundation: 11700 Preston Road, Suite 660-301, Dallas, TX 75230. The application must be postmarked no later than April 15th of the application year.

3. The CGF Scholarship 

(Coast Guard Foundation) CGF Scholarship is awarded to eligible children of active-duty coast guard members either reserve or retired. The scholarship amount varies ranges $1,000 to $5000.

4. MCSF Scholarships 

Over the years, the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation (MCSF) has awarded scholarships to children of reserve or retired or active-duty member of the marine corps. Over that time, they have awarded over 37,000 scholarships which amounts to over $110 million – averaging nearly $3,000 per Scholarship. MCSF scholarship is open to military children. Provided all eligibility criteria is met, application can be don online.

5. The Wings Over America Scholarship 

This scholarship is open to children of U.S Navy personnel. This is open to applicants whose parents are active-duty, deceased, honorably discharged or retired. The wings over America Scholarship is awarded to 50 students yearly considering community service, scholastic merit, extra-curricular activities and many more.


  • Dependent children and spouses of active duty, retired, honorably discharged, or deceased Enlisted or Officer U. S Navy personnel who serve or have served in U.S Navy Aviation U.S Marine Corps and U.S. Coast Guard dependents are not eligible to apply.

     1. Dependent Children Candidates:
               ~ natural born, adopted or stepchildren, unmarried, up to the age of 22 
                   on March 1st of the application year.
                ~ graduate or graduating senior of an accredited high school or home
                    school equivalent.
                ~ current college or trade school student.
                ~ enrolled or plan to be enrolled  in an accredited institution as a full-
                    time student taking a minimum of 12 credits per semester. 
         2. Dependent Spouse Candidates:
                ~ enrolled or plan to be enrolled in an accredited institution as a full-
                    time or part-time student taking a minimum of 6 credits per semester. 
  • Any spouse or child (natural born, adopted or stepchild) of a member of the U.S. Navy who died while on active duty serving within a U.S Navy aviation command may qualify regardless of length of service of the deceased sponsor.

6. The Folds of Honor Higher Education Scholarship 

Folds of Honor was established in 2007 to provide educational scholarship to children and spouses of injured, disabled or retired service members. You can visit the Folds of Honor Higher Education Scholarship to know more.

Now that we have seen that there are scholarships for military children, let’s now look at a few scholarships for Military Spouses.

Scholarships for Military Spouses

1.  Hope For The Warriors Scholarships 

Hope for the warriors award scholarship program to spouses of military veterans. Since it’s establishment in 2006, it has awarded over 140 Scholarships which amounts to $412,000 – averaging over $2,900 per Scholarship.

Hope of the warriors Scholarship currently has five scholarships available. It includes:

  • Honorary Scholarship for graduate and post-graduate students.
  • New Beginnings scholarship for associate degree.
  • The Restoring Family Scholarship available to Gold Star Spouses 
  • The Restoring Hope Scholarship for students who wish to obtain masters degree in social work.
  • The Restoring Self Scholarship for students who wish to obtain bachelor’s degree in any field.

Eligibility is based on a spouse or caregiver’s ability to show their post-9/11 service member or veteran sustained a combat-related injury and/or has a 100% permanent and total VA disability rating to include Individual Unemployability. 

This Hope For The Warriors Scholarship Program considers a combat-related injury to be an injury caused by armed conflict, hazardous duty, instrumentality of war, and simulated war.

2. NMFA Military Spouse Scholarships

The National Military Family Association awards scholarships for variety of purposes which include educational and employment pursuits. The scholarship is open to spouses of service members, divorced spouses (under certain conditions) or spouse to an active-duty member either reserve, medically retired, wounded or fallen of any U.S military branch.

Can Grandchildren of Veterans Get Scholarships?

The answer is yes. There are plenty of college scholarships for military grandchildren. You’ll see below scholarships open to grandkids of veterans. 

3 College Scholarships for Grandkids of Veterans 

1. The AMVETS National Scholarship

American Veterans is one of the nation’s largest organizations for veterans. They award scholarship to high school students to assist in terms of payment of undergraduate coursework. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be the child or grandchild of an active-duty servicemember and must be a high school senior as well as meet all additional Scholarship requirements.

What are the eligibility criterion for the AMVETS National Scholarships?

  • Must be a United States Citizen
  • Must provide evidence of active duty status or veteran status having served honorably
  • Must demonstrate financial need
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment to an eligible program
  • Must not be in default on a federal student loan
  • Must not be convicted under state or federal law for sale of or possession of illegal drugs
  • Must agree to authorize AMVETS to publicize your scholarship award, if you are selected.

2. The Children of Warriors National Presidents’

This Scholarship is awarded annually by the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) to daughters, sons and grandchildren of veterans who served in the Armed forces during or after World War II. The scholarship amount is $5000 – used for tuition, books room, fees, and board.

3. NLF Scholarships

The Navy League Foundation awards scholarships to children and grandchildren of U.S. Naval sea cadet corps personnel, including active-duty servicemember and veterans. This Scholarship amount is $20,000 but no limited to it. It also includes the Ann E. Clark Scholarship ($10,000), the John G. Brokaw Scholarship ($10,000), the unit d Armed forces association scholarship ($10,000) and the Rockwell Collins scholarship ($2,500).

Scholarship Link

4. Discounted Tuition and Financial Aid for Children of Veterans at NU (Veteran Founded, Military-Friendly)

The National University takes pride in serving those who served at the veteran Founded, military friendly college. NU is committed to supporting service members of military veterans. They offer tuition discounts and Scholarships to families of an active-duty servicemember.

NU offers accredited degree programs designed for servicemembers. They also offer more than 75 online and on-site programs.

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The above listed scholarships are open to military dependents provided all requirements are met. So if you are not aware of scholarships open to military children, this article has enlightened you. Read through once again to see and understand a lot better.


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