Scholarships in France | Study in France on Scholarship

Study in France on Scholarship
Study in France on Scholarship

Are you interested to study abroad? France precisely. In this blog we will talk about some scholarships in France that would include there Government, non Government and university scholarships. Here, is Scholarship Opportunities To Study in France.

France is a popular place for international studies especially when it comes to scholarships, it has advantages in terms of quality of higher education.

France is offering more than 1500 English taught degree programs in ranked high universities. All scholarships that will be mentioned below would not be fully funded but many scholarships will be partially funded or will cover the tuition fee.


Being from a different background, culture and society, you have the potential to think differently and share your views and opinions about things which are warmly welcomed and appreciated in France.

Scholarship Opportunities To Study in France is a great opportunity if achieved, Travelling or Studying abroad makes you a person with a multicultural background which helps in bringing out the best version of you from within.

Having a multicultural background and experience helps you express your thoughts and opinions about a certain topic explicitly and it also helps you make confident conversations without any hesitation.

All these conversations will help in bringing out new ideas and lead to new innovations or making new universal connections.

Some of our students have shared their memorable experiences and stories about their personal, professional and academic experiences in France. 

As an international student you are not only provided exposure to a completely new culture, tradition and way of life but it is also a great opportunity to contribute and share certain aspects of your own culture, tradition and lifestyle with the new culture you are exposed to.

Studying abroad is helpful to understand the new way of life and culture you are in but at an individual level, it makes you a better person as you learn to appreciate the value of small things in life. To finalize it, it boosts one’s personal and professional growth.

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Scholarships in France | Study in France:

Non-government scholarships in France:

Alexandre Yersin Scholarships

Fresh graduates of Hong Kong or Macau residents can avail this scholarship. All the indigene or citizens of these countries can apply for a master’s degree in France.

For details visit: Alexandre Yersin Scholarships

The Fulbright Scholarship Opportunities To Study in France:

This Scholarship is for those students who want to study master’s or Ph.D. scholarship in France. Annually, over 20 scholarships are awarded to the international students from different countries to study from 8 to 10 months.

For details visit: The Fulbright Scholarships

AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships

All international students can apply for AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships at Bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree levels. Selection of candidates will be prioritized and selected on the basis of the academic record.

For details visit: AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships

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Civil Society Leadership Awards (CSLA)

Civil Society Leadership Awards is for young leaders who are bringing social change to their societies. Furthermore, All these leaders must possess a good academic and professional experience record to avail of this fully-funded master’s degree opportunity in France.

For details visit: Civil Society Leadership Awards

French Universities Scholarships to Study in France

Ampère Excellence Scholarship

Ampère Excellence Scholarship is for international students who wish to pursue a master’s degree program at ENS de Lyon. The France scholarship would provide a grant of up to 1,000 euros/month.

For details visit: Ampere Excellence Scholarship

Stephen M. Kellen Scholarship

The Stephen M. Kellen Scholarships is given based on merit to the students who are enrolled at Sciences Po. The scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for two years. You can now send your Applications for 2021 academic session.

For details visit: Stephen M. Kellen Scholarship

Foundation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarship Opportunities To Study in France

This scholarship is for African and Asian Women organized by the HEC Paris. All the Women applying for this scholarships must be coming from an African or Asian country and have had met with any natural disaster. All the candidate must have the motive to tackle a social or economic issue in her country.

For details visit: Foundation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarships

Université Paris-Saclay Master’s Scholarship for International Students

Université Paris-Saclay Master’s Scholarship offers around 160 master’s degree level scholarships to international students. The scholarship opportunity provides grants of up to 10,000 euros annually.

For details visit: Universite Paris-Saclay

Emile Boutmy Scholarship

Emile Boutmy Scholarship is also offered by Sciences Po for international students who wish to pursue either Bachelors’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree program.

For details visit: Emile Boutmy Scholarship

ENS Scholarships

ENS International Scholarship is offered to international students annually in Science and Humanities at master’s degree level and diploma programs. Students should not have stayed for more than ten months in France. For all applicants for this scholarship, the age limit for ENS International Scholarship is 25 years.

For details visit: ENS Scholarships

Government Scholarships to Study in France:

Erasmus +

Erasmus + is one of the top fully-funded scholarships in Europe. This opportunity covers funding for living expenses and provides grants to the participant.

For a complete guide of Erasmus Scholarship visit: Erasmus +

Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence

All international students can apply for the Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence for masters or PhD degree program. This particular scholarship is a French Government Scholarship in various fields including engineering, management, law, economics, and political science. French higher education institutions are directed to submit the application on behalf of the students.

For details visit: Eiffel Scholarships Program

The Chateaubriand Fellowship

The Chateaubriand Fellowship is a fully-funded fellowship for US citizens who wish to do a fellowship in France. Chateaubriand Fellowship is been cordinated and organized by the Embassy of France. The research fellowship program in France is for the period 4 to 9 months interval.

For details visit: The Chateaubriand Fellowship

Scholarships in France | Study in France is Opportunity to visit abroad. France is a better place to study in the world, with majority of its scholarships fully funded. studying outside your home country can expose you to different multicultural lifestyles which will assist you in the future.


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