Top 10 Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into

Top 10 Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into
Top 10 Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into

Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into

We will be discussing about the Top 10 easiest Dental Schools to Get into, including their admission requirements. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten easiest dental schools to get into,so don’t be in a haste to leave.

The following institutions to be under listed in this post, have a more lenient admissions policy and requirement compared to other dental schools in the US. But however, they have more rigorous curriculum just as any other dental school.

These dental schools have developed a method of accepting only the most determined, highly intelligent students, well-qualified, educated, despite the fact that they have higher acceptance rates.

Following their prestigious accreditations, their students are expected to exhibit outstanding values like professionalism and respect so as to secure the institution’s reputation.

Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into – Top 10

Below are some of the Top 10 Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into:

#1. University of Puerto Rico (Acceptance Rate: 44.1)

The University of Puerto Rico is one of the Top 10 Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into. The University’s school of dental medicine focus on making provision for high-quality higher education standard so as to produce the best dental practitioners, around the globe.

Following the accreditation from several respected accreditation institutions, the school of dental medicine at UPR demonstrate its ability to provide high-quality educational standard and services. So, you can be rest assured as it is guaranteed that the school is properly accredited for you interested in prosthodontics or pediatric dentistry.

Also, there are varying academic program that you can choose from in the institution, including your first professional degree or advanced dental education programs. However, to enroll in the institution, it is requiring that you follow a specified method, depending on the program in which you are to study.

You can contact the school for information on the application process and requirements.

#2. University of Mississippi (Acceptance Rate: 40.3)

Toping our list is The University of Mississippi. Following the fact that the institution has a high acceptance rate, it is one of the easiest dental schools to get into.

It should be noted that the University of Mississippi is accredited by the American Dental Association, even with its admirable acceptance rate. However, prospective students are expected to meet some requirement of which include math and science courses.

It is required of you to have completed some courses such as in biology, inorganic chemistry, behavioral science, organic chemistry, physics, statistics, including math (trigonometry, algebra, or calculus).

#3. University of Minnesota (Acceptance Rate: 38.54)

The University of Minnesota is known to be the only dentistry school in the state and stretching from Wisconsin to the Pacific Northwest, the northern tier of states. The institution also top our list to be one of the highest admission rates for dentistry schools, in the country.

The school of dentistry at the University focuses on educating and training general dentists, dental specialists, and dental therapists as a whole, perhaps, you want to enroll in the institution to take advantage of some of the programs it provides. Also, the programs are available to dental hygienist, dental instructor, or research scientist.

Requirement for admission into the university’ dental school includes A bachelor’s degree, a GPA of 3.0, recommendation letters, transcripts and certificates, and English language, a graduate record examination.

#4. LSU Health Sciences Center (Acceptance Rate: 16.8%)

The LSU Health Sciences Center located in New Orleans make provision for a dynamic and modern School of Dentistry.

This institution offers more dental courses than typical, including oral and maxillofacial surgery, that may tend to lead to the highest-paying positions (an average income of $242,370) as a graduate.

#5. Ohio State University (Acceptance Rate: 14.8%)


The Ohio State University College of Dentistry is also one of the Top 10 Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into in providing hands-on experience, including high-quality clinical training programs and a various community service opportunity. You are qualified for primary care and dental specialty if you are a Ph.D. in dentistry from Ohio State University.

#6. University of Missouri – Kansas City (Acceptance Rate: 14%)

In the UMKC Health Sciences District, the School of Dentistry make a provision for a student dental clinic, including community clinic.

Although, the school has a greater acceptance rate for applicants, but however, it is required of you to still meet its standards. For the Doctor of Dental Surgery program in DAT Academic Average is 19, and the average science and math GPA is 3.6.

#7. Augusta University, Georgia (Acceptance Rate: 13.8%)

This Dental College of Georgia is situated in Augusta, known to be associated with the Augusta university. Being a student at this dental college, you are to study on campus and opportune to attend one of the many clinics in which the dental college offers around Georgia.

Its students are entitled to a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree and a dual degree in oral biology, following the completion of their programs.

However, it should be noted that the institution gives more privilege of admission to applicants from Georgia than applicants from other places, with a ratio of 90%-10%. It is required of you to secure a Dental Admission Test score of at least 20 so as to increase your chance of been admitted and a GPA of 3.6 or higher is also beneficial.

#8. Columbia University

All the incoming students can expect tough academics as well as numerous chances for mentorship, leadership, discovery, and service at this private Ivy League university.

The Tuition and fees for the first year of Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine, which is ranked ninth in the United States and 32nd worldwide, will cost students a total of $94,000.

The overall cost of enrollment for just the first year is nearly $120,000, including ordinary tuition and fees, educational expenses (books, supplies, tests, and dental loupes), and living expenses (housing, food, and miscellaneous personal expenses.

#9. University of Washinghton

The University of Washington is noted for its focus on dental research as the country’s third-best dental school. This school also provides a Summer Research Fellowship (SURF) program and other continuing education programs.

Tuition, books, fees, training equipment, accommodation, transportation, and personal expenses are estimated to cost $91,404 for in-state residents and approximately $121,000 for non-residents in the first year.

As a public institution, there are numerous financial aid options available, including scholarships and low-interest student loans.

#10. University of Utah

Last but not the least among the Top 10 Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into is the University of Utah.

The Acceptance rate of the university of Utah is 27.45%also, this university has a great dentistry school acceptance rate. And based on this, you can learn a lot regarding dental health practice by attending the university.

The university is a reliable institution because it is accredited by the Commission of Dental Accreditation.

For you to gain admission into the university, you need to have a bachelor’s degree preferably from an accredited college in the United States. And also you must also have an average GPA score of 3.7 or a DATT score of about 21.

Moreover, the faculty requires its applicants to have studied specific courses. During Admission application, ensure you have some knowledge in molecular biology or genetics, business, cell biology, computer science, ethics, and histology, among others.

University of Utah offers you one graduate degree and one residency program. Additionally, it combines research with clinical experience to give you the ideal educational experience. To get admitted into the university, you must also fill in an application.

To increase your chances of studying in the institution, you must fill in the application forms between June 1 and October 1 before the year of admission. If you qualify after the first submission, you’ll receive a link to the supplemental application.

Dental School Rankings

To enhance a successful ranking of easiest dental schools to get into, we have been able to secure the following characteristics, serving as a tool factor capable enough to influence your choice of school.

1. Reputation

The term reputation is determined by how people see, observe and project the institution. A school’s reputation is an extremely significant thing to consider, following their academic success and so on, while rating the institution.

The reputation of your University also influences your career as a graduate from the school, than you may realize.

2. Accreditation

While ranking a school, it is so important to take a cognizant approach to the accreditation status of the school. This is due to the fact that your years of study will have been for nothing if the school is not accredited. The credential you receive from that school has no market value.

3. Acceptance Percentage

Schools with low acceptance rates tends to be very competitive and excellent reputations. These factors make it most desired. It should be noted that there are numerous advantages to attending such a university, following their higher admission rate.

Dental School Prerequisites

To gain admission into any dental school, it is required of you to meet a certain prerequisite. Although, the criterial varies depending on the university style of policy but however even the easiest dental schools to get into will require some (or all) of the following:

1. Undergraduate College Degree

With at stage, it is required of you to attend 8 hours of biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry courses all with lab work. Also, physics, and English. However, some institutions are liable to have higher standards.

2. Courses in Pre-Dental Science

Anatomy or biochemistry, may be required as a more specialized course. It is advisable to check to see if the dental school provides these courses before enrolling in a dentistry program.

3. College for Four Years

if you have more than four years of the college experience and have taken some related courses, you are liable to get admitted into some dental schools.

4. A Grade Point Average (GPA) Of 3.00 Or Above

Your GPA is crucial while determining your chance of admission into any dental school. It envisages your academic excellence and ability as a student. GPA requirement vary depending on the institution admission policy. However, the typical recommendation is to have a GPA of 3.0, but the higher, the better, as it increases your chance of been admitted.

  • Passed the Dental Admissions Exam (DAT)

The DAT is a computerized test that may be taken by anyone. It is required of you to have passed the DAT within the 12 months of applying to dental school prior your year(s) of college biology and chemistry.

  • Recommendation Letters

It is required of you to possess a valid letter of recommendation from most advisable, any dentistry-specific academics who could write a letter of recommendation for you.

  • A Great Application is however beneficial.

Dentistry School Acceptance Rate

it is always crucial to examine a school’s acceptance rate before applying because a school cannot accept every student who applies.

You will begin a four-year program to earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), once admitted into a dental school. So, to gain this admission, it is always advisable to make an outstanding application and also ensure that your results and courses match the school’s admission requirements.

How Much Does Dentistry School Cost?

Although, in this article, we are looking at the easiest dental schools to get into in 2021, but the tuition fee of these schools mentioned are liable to be costly. The cost is however determined by the kind of institution, is it private or public?

Please when making your decision based on cost, don’t limit your privilege to only the lowest-priced institutions because in some cases, the most expensive colleges might be the best choice. Due to this factor, many dental students seize the opportunity of applying to scholarships and the likes, just to secure the chance of saving money.

List of Top Dental Schools in The US

Based on the statistics from Shanghai Ranking’s 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities, the following are the top five dental schools in the United States:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Adams School of Dentistry

The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor School of Dentistry

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

The University of California Los Angeles School of Dentistry

The University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry

How Many Dental Schools in US?

In the United States, there are about 64 universities that provide advanced dentistry degrees. However, there are various aspects to consider when selecting a dental school of which include:

Curriculum type

Dental experiences provided (clinical or community-centric)

Student body

Geographical location

Research or clinical focus


And importantly, Reputation; as it gives value to your certificate.


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This article “Top 10 Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into” has been able to list the easiest dental schools to get into in 2022. Read carefully and understand the content completely so as to guild you in choosing a school that best match your academic ability.


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