Top 15 Chemical Engineering Internships In The US

Chemical Engineering Internships In The US
Chemical Engineering Internships In The US

Do you know one of the most exciting careers one can pursue in the US? chemical engineering is one of them. Moreover, it involves the production and manufacturing of products through a chemical process. This involves designing equipment and refining raw materials. Here is the Top 15 Chemical Engineering Internships In The US

chemical engineering internship in the US is one of the best procedures one gain interest in chemical engineering as an aspiring chemical engineer. However, internships help students to get familiar with their work environment, acquire critical skills, and most of all, build good connections.

Chemical Engineering Internships

A chemical engineering internship is a field of work for chemical engineers. Moreover, it help them have more knowledge about their area of study and gain more experience in their field.  It’s last for a short time, between the range of three (3) to six (6) months. However, an internship is always compulsory in most academic institutions before a student can be able to be awarded a degree.

there are different types of chemical engineering internships such as fall chemical engineering internships, paid internships, etc.

chemical engineering internship gives students a little work experience in the field of chemical engineering for a short time.

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  Top fifteen (15) Chemical Engineering Internships in the US:

The following are lists of chemical engineering internships you can find in the US.

  1.  Modern industries incorporated internship program

modern industries incorporate helps to provide modern technical assistance to the organization.

As an intern, you will be tasked with the following responsibilities

  • Arrange samples for analysis and testing
  • mounting and clearing or cleaning test samples.

Below are the requirements to be eligible for the modern industries Inc. internship program:

  • A  high school certificate
  • At least one year of experience in the field.

An internship in modern industries allows you to work at the company after you have been awarded a degree.

2. Hershey Company

This company makes provision for internships for students with working experience in the production of food processing and consumer package goods.

Moreover, interns are tasked with the following duties to ensure their step-by-step development and adaptation. These are their following tasks:

  • Making reports on projects such as engineering calculations, and process test documentation.
  • Designing process flow diagrams
  • Affording equipment operating parameters.
  • Through testing.

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Requirements needed to be eligible for the internship program :

there are some requirements students are supposed to meet before you eligible to participate in the internship program. However, these are the following criteria you need.

  • You must be an undergraduate in the field of chemical engineering and other related fields.
  •  A valid driver’s license
  • You must be able to raise fifty ponds
  • Readiness to work and travel around.
  • You must be able to work on a free schedule like weekends.

However, this internship program will help you have an experience in different areas of fields.

3. CVD Equipment Corporation

This company is located in New York. CVD corporation offers internship program opportunities to students, helping them to work with professional engineering teams.

Interns will be required to do the following:

These are the following qualifications for students to meet before they can participate in the internship program.

  • You must be able to communicate effectively
  • Ability to work with a team.
  • Ability to adapt to various changes in the sector.
  • Able to think critically and apply basic engineering principles to build, and create a chemical vapor in deposition system design.

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4. Chemical Engineering Internship, Houston, Texas at Burns and Mcdonnell

This internship program is only for students with a minimum of 3.0 GPA in their bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. However, the chemical engineering interns will perform some tasks requiring

knowledge and techniques.

Moreover, there are some qualifications you need: such as,

  • good communication skills,
  • problem-solving skills
  • You must have good leadership.


the program is one of the best chemical engineering internships

This company offers paid tuition fees for internships for students who are willing to participate with the engineering construction team. Moreover, the internship program lasts for a short period, it ranges from six  (6) to nine (9) months.

The interns are assigned the following roles:

There are some tasks assigned to students who participate in this program.

  • The schedule deliveries and receives orders from the construction team.
  • Assisting project managers in their duties.
  • Executing weekly undertaking

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The following includes the minimum qualifications needed for an internship position:

  • You must have a high school certificate
  • You must be eighteen (18) years old
  • A good communication skills
  • Willingness to work toward a degree in chemical engineering.
  • Your GPA must be a minimum of 2.5
  • You must be able to write

6. PPG Primers Internship Program:

This program helps students to develop professional skills and can interact with top PPG business leaders. Importantly, it helps students improve their academic knowledge. However, it was the best internship program in the summer of 2021. Finally, it exposes them to projects that are difficult for them.

7. CareerBuilder- United States

CareerBuilder is one of the best internships for students who are interested in working as a chemical plant operator. Above all, their work is to supervise chemical cleaning duties. They are also responsible for checking on the water plant.

Therefore, students who want to participate in this program must willing to work part-time hours.

8. Neuvoo Internship Program

Neuvoo offers one of the best chemical engineering career opportunities one can go. Moreover, students who have interested to gain experience as process engineers. Moreover, their duties are to assist the plant manager while gaining experience.

To participate in the Neuvoo internship program, the prospective interns must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be an undergraduate in chemical or mechanical engineering.
  • You must have good skills in Microsoft office.

9. Ivy-exec Internship Program

ivy exec is one most highly rated companies that offer chemical engineering internships for students with allots of opportunities. However, this program enables students to perform in different areas of the field. Above all, students who wish to go for this program must have good communication skills.

10. Conagra Brands Engineering Organization Internship Program

Conagra brand company is one of the best companies for students who are willing to work in the food industry. Moreover, this program lasts for a short period within the range of two (2) months and three (3) weeks.

The following are the criteria for students who want to participate in the program:

Your year of graduation must be scheduled between 2022, 2023, or as the case may be.

11. Brewer Science Incorporated:

Brewer science incorporated programs are for students who are willing to develop their professional skills while exploring their career opportunities. However, brewer science is the top leader and the innovator of technological solutions for the semiconductor and microelectronic market.

Interns are assigned the following responsibilities:

  • Designing of equipment and specification.
  • evaluating, executing, and installing the quality system.
  • evaluating, selecting, developing, and executing programs for products.


Tesla rank as one of the best chemical engineering jobs. They provide training to help prepare interns for the career no matter, their background, race, religion, or gender. However, tesla internships allow students to work with a professional team while completing their internship. In addition, Tesla company was founded in the year 2003.

interns must meet this requirement for this internship

  • You must have a good communication skills
  • Ability to adapt and learn quickly
  •  You must have a degree in chemical engineering.

13. Kleinfelder

kleinfelder company gives students the opportunities to find solution to improve energy, transportation, water and other basic need for their clients.

interns are to meet up to the following standards:

  • You must have a drivers license
  • You must have a good writing and communication skill
  • proficient in MS office program like excel AutoCAD Mathcad
  • You must be an undergraduate.

14. Janssen Research and Developments Internship

This company their students the chance to apply their knowledge of chemical engineering  to other area of field such as medical field in monitoring clinical issues. However, this company recruiting interns for integrated data, analytics and reporting.

15. Equova Water Technologies

Equova water technologies is a company for chemical internship program for students with a minimum of 3.0 GPA.  Moreover,  this internship is for students who wish’s to work in a company of testing water treatment plant and writing reports.

The following includes the minimum qualifications needed for an internship position:

  • You must be up to eighteen years old
  • Good oral and communication skills
  • willing to work in an office setting
  • Good problem solving skills.

Apply for internships here

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However, I hope this post will help you know the top 15 chemical engineering internship in US. Moreover, before you rush into any of this programs make sure you are eligible for the program.


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