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Sure ways to relocate to Canada 2022

Do you wish to move to Canada in 2022? Well, there are various ways to relocate to Canada. About 1.3 million new immigrants will be welcomed to Canada over the next three years. You might be asking; what is the sure easiest way to relocate to Canada? The answer to this question has been provided in this article. Read on to know more about how Travel To Canada For Free .

With over 80 means available for immigrating to Canada, the easiest way will depend on your connections or unique profile in the country. Now that immigration targets are higher, it is just the best time to move your quest for immigrating to Canada.

Before we dive to the various ways to relocate to Canada, understand that there is no simple way to it; the process is long. Some programs may be easy to apply to but know that the process involves many steps and takes time.

Now let’s look at four sure ways to relocate to Canada as well as the process involved. Check them out below.

Sure ways to relocate to Canada 2022

  1. Provincial Nominee Programs

Canada’s ten provinces and three territories continue to offer countless nominee programs for permanent residence. This year, Canada is set accept about 83,500 new immigrants through PNP of which each PNP has its own unique eligibility requirements and application process.

Many PNPs require connection to the province while some depends on meeting the province’s labor market need to apply for nomination.

Upon receiving a nomination, PNP candidate must apply for Canadian permanent residence to the federal government. The time it takes for processing your permanent residence will depend on whether the PNP uses the Express entry system.

The cost of relocating to Canada through PNP is normally the same as Express Entry. Though some additional fees may be included depending on the province; some provinces don’t charge any fee for PNP application processing while some such as Ontario can charge up to $1,500 CAD.

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  1. Express Entry

Express Entry is the fastest and most popular method of relocating to Canada. If you apply for Canadian immigration through this system, you can receive your permanent residence status in six months.

Over the next three years, Canada plans use three streams of Express Entry to invite over 240,000 newcomers. These streams are:

  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

The Express Entry system involves filling and submitting an online profile which is scored by Canada’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Candidates must be eligible under one of the above listed federal streams. This is to be able to submit the Express Entry profile.

The cost of immigrating to Canada via the Express Entry system is about $2,300 CAD for just a single applicant and about $4,500 CAD for a couple. Note that the cost does not include the settlement funds which must be shown as part of the eligibility requirement. The settlement funds also vary by family size.

  1. Business Immigration

If you are experienced in managing or owning your own business, then the easiest way to immigrate to Canada can be through a provincial business or federal immigration program.

The federal government of Canada offers immigration programs to individuals planning to be self-employed or start up a business in Canada. There is also availability of specific programs for individuals interested in setting up a business in a certain Canadian province.

Business immigration programs require a major investment in the business you intent to start in Canada. The required amount depends on the program you are interested in. There are many PNPs that have regional entrepreneur programs that require lesser investment for individuals who wish to start a business in less populated area.

  1. Sponsorship.

If you have a family member that is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, then family sponsorship could be the easiest way to Travel To Canada For Free or to relocate to Canada.

Canada offers numerous immigration programs that give permanent residents and citizens to bring their relatives to Canada. Through Family sponsorship, Canada plans to welcome about 105,000 newcomers for permanent residence.

You can be eligible for family sponsorship if you have a family member that is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.

The cost of sponsoring a relative is about $1,135 CAD. Additional fees apply if the sponsor resides or intend to reside in Quebec. Additional fee not included in the cost.

Processing time may take about 12 months (from start to finish) depending on the family member sponsoring you.

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Aside the above listed ways to relocate to Canada, there are also even more other easy ways to Travel To Canada For Free or migrate to Canada. Check them out below.

Other Easy ways to immigrate to Canada

Like we said earlier in this article that there are over 80 pathways to relocate to Canada; here is a list that highlights more easy ways to relocate to Canada.

Economic and Business Immigration Option

This method of immigration is solely for professionals who are skilled in fields that support Canada economy. Some of the categories for this means include:

  • Express Entry
  • Investor Programs
  • Provincial Nominee programs
  • Quebec Immigration
  • Self-employed / Entrepreneur program
  • Federal classes like caregivers program, the Atlantic Immigration pilot, the Agri-Food pilot, and the rural and Northern immigration pilot.

Family Sponsorship

This way of relocating to Canada is available to family members of Canadian citizens and holds permanent residents. Family members’ eligible to sponsor includes

  • Dependent child (adopted or biological)
  • Parents and grandparents
  • Spouse or conjugal partner.

In some cases, one can be eligible to sponsor other family members aside the above listed categories. It includes orphaned brother or sister, nephew or niece or grandchild.

Humanitarian and Refugee Immigration

Canada is known for accepting refugees and other immigrants for humanitarian and compassionate reasons. For this reason, a portion of Canada’s annual immigration target is dedicated to refugees.


So there you have all you need to know about the various sure ways to relocate to Canada and also how to Travel To Canada For Free. Any of the means is up for taking provided you have met all the requirements. In as much as the application process is long and takes time, the result worth it. It’s left for you to make a move!



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